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The business secrets I learned from Donna Downey

Oh my gosh, she’s using my paintbrush. It made the room fall silent, before a little giggle went around the room.  One of the students in Donna Downey’s class was very excited Donna was using her paint brush to do … Continue reading

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What does business coaching have to do with a light sabre?

My gorgeous – online – half way round the world – friend, Erin from Remade By Hand and I are on the same page.  We’re at the same point in our websites and starting our businesses.  She’s a great person … Continue reading

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The uninvited test

I faced a test this week.  Not a maths test – thank goodness for small mercies.  Not a personality test – that could reveal things none of us need to know.  Not a driving test – hooking it around my … Continue reading

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Learning fatigue

April from Blacksburg Belle had a post on her blog last week about trying to learn from too many people –  which meant you actually don’t learn anything or you spend so much time learning you don’t have time left … Continue reading

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Selling online workshop

I went to a Selling Online workshop recently with Bristyle.  Loving their I Heart Craft workshops.  The workshops are free [gotta love that] and they have so much information.  Real information.  This one had a few different Etsy sellers all … Continue reading

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Tim Holtz – business genius

Guess who got to do a class with Tim Holtz?  That would be me! The class was amazing, of course.  But, you know my business brain kicked in too.  I was fascinated with how the class was set up, how … Continue reading

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That word – SHOULD Should seems to be echoing in my ears constantly at the moment.  Every quiet moment has me thinking of should’s. The should’s of other people.  I should be writing more posts on this blog.  I should … Continue reading

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Roadmap to Action – Laura Simms Interview

  As someone in the beginning stages of starting a creative business, it can be so overwhelming to try to fit everything in.  Social media, following blogs, doing online courses and then putting everything into practice.  Is it common for … Continue reading

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Going Tactical

This Christmas holidays I’m GOING TACTICAL. I am lucky enough to get 2 weeks off at Christmas – woo woo!  I really need it this year.  Hubby and I have both been really sick this year.  Like, knock you for … Continue reading

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Interview – Brittni from PaperNStitch

  I am so excited to share another interview with you. Brittni from PaperNStitch.com and PaperNStitchblog.com shares her ideas on how a new creative business can do market research, build a following and the common mistakes new creative business owners … Continue reading

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