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I’m at a crossroads but the adventure continues

I’m at a crossroads. When I started this blog, it was going to have lots of interviews with creative business people and working artists.  It was going to reveal the secrets to being a working artist.  Somehow it was going … Continue reading

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I don’t want to be pretty anymore…

Sometimes you actually hear the light bulb go off over your head.  Sometimes it’s a gentle glow that slowly gets brighter (like the damn energy saving light globe in my bathroom that takes 10 minutes to warm up enough to … Continue reading

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What does business coaching have to do with a light sabre?

My gorgeous – online – half way round the world – friend, Erin from Remade By Hand and I are on the same page.  We’re at the same point in our websites and starting our businesses.  She’s a great person … Continue reading

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Are you a handmade community bouncer? Or are you just letting anyone in?

One of the guys at That Day Job mentioned he wanted to buy a painting to fill up a blank wall at his house. Now before I go any further – please know I think this guy is pretty cool.  … Continue reading

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I’m not like everyone else – do I still get to play?

You’ve read them.  I’ve read them.  We’ve all read them.  Those stories of being business-y or arty since they were 5 years old.  Of having everything just fall into place by serendipity. But what if that’s not my story? What … Continue reading

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Why Easter is a great time of year for your business – hint, it’s not about the chocolate

Easter is about different things for different people. Religion.  Chocolate.  Bunnies.  Chocolate Bunnies. Mmmmm, chocolate bunnies….. Er, where was I? For me, Easter is about renewal.  Starting over.  And I like to take this time of year to re-assess.  What … Continue reading

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The uninvited test

I faced a test this week.  Not a maths test – thank goodness for small mercies.  Not a personality test – that could reveal things none of us need to know.  Not a driving test – hooking it around my … Continue reading

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What do an esky, a footstool and an empty box have in common?

What do you do when you desperately want to film something but you don’t have a tripod?  You raid the garage and build your own. When I filmed my first video, I used a footstool and a hot pink bendy … Continue reading

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The difference between Pinterest and reality

You’ve seen them.  Those pictures on Pinterest of immaculate, uncluttered desks.   With a vase of fresh flowers.  Stunning furniture, the kind that actually matches.  Inspiration boards overflowing with typography and beautiful gifts from art friends and the most divine packaging … Continue reading

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Who you are matters

I’ve always been a slow and steady kind of girl.  I know it.  I’m the tortoise, not the hare.  I like to get information and sort through it before I decide to do something.  I like to weigh up my … Continue reading

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