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Contact me – I’d love to hear from you about the adventure to your own big, wild, crazy dreams.



Email: coral [at] creativewomensbusiness [dot] com



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  1. Jean says:

    Hi Coral
    I found your blog through Leonie’s Goddess Circle, although joined several months ago, I haven’t bitten the bullet and interacted with the circle, or the courses although am down to do the creative course.

    Your story resonates with me, although I am older (57 and rapidly hurtling towards 60 and hoping that 60 is the new 40)
    I am a bit behind you though, which is why I am so thrilled to find your journey laid out here. It’s great to find like minded people also.
    I started my website as a project, as when I moved to Ireland from the UK I didn’t think I would find work easily. I have been lucky in the regard until now, and am going to revamp, rebrand and rename what I do. Rather than the “send me your most boring admin stuff and typing to do” message that the site conveys at the moment, I want to focus on web design and management which excites me most. I have the management bit sown up but the design needs to be more creative, which is where the course comes in.
    Anyway – I just wanted to thank you for the information you so generously give, and hope to meet you in the Goddess Circle.
    Good luck with all you do
    Jean /Fiesta

    • Coral says:

      Hi Jean! I am so happy you found me through The Goddess Circle. Such a supportive group. When I first started on this adventure, I was feeling very aware about my age and what I had (or more to the point – hadn’t) accomplished. Since starting this creative business adventure though, I’ve actually felt younger! It has been exciting and frustrating and fun and scary and so many other things. But I feel more fulfilled than I have in a long time. I’ve learned so much and grown as a person. I smile more, I laugh more and I am excited to see where this adventure can take me.

      I am so excited to hear you are on your own creative business adventure. I have enjoyed the process so much and would encourage anyone to go after their big, wild, crazy dream. I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I have.

  2. jacqueline says:

    Hi Coral,

    I have subscribed to your’e newsletter but cant get hooked into your’e blog as the button isnt working(maybe just for me), would you check it out please?

    Warm summer wishes,

    • Coral says:

      Thanks for letting my know Jacqueline! Websites are always a work in progress and they have their glitchy days (a bit like me really). I am not a very ‘tech’ person, but I think I’ve got it figured out now – fingers crossed.

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