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When someone left and they didn’t make a sound

Someone at my day job quit last week.  No, it wasn’t me…..  A couple of Etsy sales a month isn’t quite doing it for me just yet.  But thanks for thinking it was me… hehehe. He had been there for … Continue reading

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How I stopped hiding and what happened when I opened up

I’ve started a few posts here over the last two years with the words I’ve been hiding from you.  The hardest thing about this whole creative business adventure is not the tech stuff. It’s stepping into the adventure.  Stepping out. … Continue reading

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Do you have bloggers block?

After a couple of weeks of ranty rant rants here on the blog, I thought I’d share something a little more practical and helpful. One of the questions I saw posted recently in a forum I’m on was from a  … Continue reading

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I’m not like everyone else – do I still get to play?

You’ve read them.  I’ve read them.  We’ve all read them.  Those stories of being business-y or arty since they were 5 years old.  Of having everything just fall into place by serendipity. But what if that’s not my story? What … Continue reading

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My Etsy numbers revealed

It’s a big secret, isn’t it?  Etsy numbers.  No-one wants to tell you what their numbers are.  Well, huddle in a little closer because today I’m sharing mine. I’d never seen anyone reveal this before.  And I thought it would … Continue reading

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Why don’t people talk about this?

Something got brought to my attention this week.  Something no-one talks about.  And I think it’s about time someone did.  And apparently, that someone is gonna be me. I’ve been told that I am  showing the ‘real’ side of starting … Continue reading

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The 7 things I want to know about you.

I’ll admit – most people would say I have an abominable taste in music.  And there may or may not include some Miley Cyrus on my Ipod.  Which is cool if you’re 13.  Probably not quite so cool when you … Continue reading

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Damn you mid life crisis

My ‘mid life major re-assessment’ really got to me this week. People paint this adventure as a beautiful thing. And it is. I have grown so much as a person which I wasn’t expecting when I started.  I just wanted … Continue reading

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Falling in with the right crowd

The twelfth of December, 2012.  This number keeps coming up and I’ve had to write it on some paperwork this week.  And as I wrote it, it stopped me in my tracks.  This is the last time I will write … Continue reading

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Expectations and hard work

I try too hard.  I fight my way through.  I push too much.  I force things – Just ask my husband about me and jigsaw puzzles.  Let’s just say it’s not pretty. I think I make things hard when they … Continue reading

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