Every step counts, even if it’s backwards

DLP1Danielle LaPorte has a manifesto that I love.

Check out the video or print it out here or the typography poster here.

I have it on the wall in front of me at That Day Job and look at it often.  Cause some days I really, really need it so I can keep going.  It’s also on my inspiration board in the art room, watching over me as I work.  Like a silent cheerleader.  The words in the air of the room as I work.

DLP2One of my favourite things on it is…

Everything is progress

And she’s right.  Any step – a mini step forward, a step sideways and yes, even a step backwards.  It’s all progress.

A mini step can feel like procrastination and fear.

A step sideways can feel like it doesn’t count.

And a step backwards can feel like a failure.  Like a sign from the universe that this isn’t what you should be doing.

I feel like I took huge steps forward the day I had my stamps in my hand.  But didn’t land where I thought I would.  It didn’t turn out how I thought.  It wasn’t a beautiful, exciting adventure to get there.  It wasn’t how I had imagined after 14 years of dreaming.

There were disappointments, delays and anger.  There were ugly snotty tears, cranky dances in the lounge room and lots of pouty “it’s not fair” moments.  Yep, when I’m disappointed, I act like a 5 year old.  G-G-Glamourous.

So now I’m taking steps in a new direction.  Mircro steps.  Cause sometimes a microstep is all your heart can bear.  Cause you can’t be Sasha Fierce all the time.  And even a micro step counts.

Because everything is progress.

Coral.  xo

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