It took me 2 years to figure this out… I started at the wrong end

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On the Finding Firelight blog this week

If you read this post, you’ll know I’m not totally in love with my stamps anymore.  And I think I’ve figured out why I don’t love them and where I went wrong.

I started at the wrong end.

I started at the product end.

Before I had jumped back into getting inky and painty.

Before I had figured out what my personal style of art was.  What my symbology was.

And it was a year into the adventure before I started diving back into those things.

But after getting to play in 2 art workshops last year, it’s all coming together.  And it’s given me a new direction to play and to start thinking about new designs.

I think the reason the artists I love and adore have been so successful is because they started at the right end.

And I didn’t.

They created their art.  And they shared it on their blog.  In their Etsy stores.  And people found them.  They built their tribe.  Their following.  Their fans.  And from there came the online workshops, the book deals, the licensing.  And the stamp designs.

So this year, as part of having more fun and play, I’ve signed up for 2 online art workshops.  And once they are finished, I may sign up for more.  And I’m going to play in my art journal a lot more.  Become more at ease with my own style of art.  And explore where that can take me.  Less pressure on designing stamps and learning business-y things.  Nnot trying so hard.  It’s about me doing the fun art stuff, connecting with other arty girls.  Doing workshops online and in person.  Stepping out of my hermit shell and building genuine connections.  This year, it’s gonna be about the art and the business side can follow.

I’ve already done an end of year clean out to simplify things.  I’ve unsubscribed from newsletters I don’t get around to reading and the ones that rub my fur the wrong way but I felt like I ‘had to’ be subscribed to.  I’ve unfollowed people on Twitter that weren’t my absolute must follow people.  I’ve deleted lots of bookmarked blogs.  I’ve stripped it all back to basics.  So I’m left with only the stuff I adore.  Reading blogs that make me ooh and ahh with every new post (Jane Davenport is my current favourite).  Newsletters that make me feel invincible.  Audio interviews that energize and focus me (loving Danielle LaPorte right now).

This year, as part of my being ‘selfish’ with my word of the year,  I’m only doing what feels perfect.  Things that lift me up, give me bliss and fill me up to overflowing.

Everything else is out the door.

Out, out, out.

Because this is my year of being selfish in the most divine way.  Of only doing what I really, really want.  Not what other people tell me I should be doing.  Or what I need to be doing.  No more have to’s and gotta’s.  Just wanna’s.

Because it’s my time.  It’s my time now.  (Oh yeah, I threw in a Goonies reference).

Coral.  xo

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    2 Responses to It took me 2 years to figure this out… I started at the wrong end

    1. Nita says:

      Sounds like your word of the year and my word of the year (play) would get along very nicely together! Here’s my post about it:


      • Coral says:

        Love hearing about everyone’s word for the year – so many words and reasons why they were chosen. Play is almost the runner up to my word of the year. It’s all part of having fun and doing things for me and being more relaxed about it all.

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