Goodbye 39

Look what I got for my 40th birthday - all by Kelly Rae Roberts - one of my SHeroes.

Look what I got for my 40th birthday – all by Kelly Rae Roberts – one of my SHeroes.

Goodbye 39

You are the year I felt most like myself.

You are the year I got to connect with art in the deepest way.

Art has called to me for the longest time and this year… the year of 39…. I truly saw what you could be.  And I understood why my heart has been calling to you for so long.

This is the year I got to know myself so much more.  And I fell in love with who I am.

All the things that make me uncool are the things I love the most.  They make me who I am.  And I no longer hide those quirky little bits.

I feel like something great is coming as I turn 40.

And I feel like 39 was the beautiful bridge I got to cross to get there.

So many moments of clarity.  Gentle lessons learned.  The divine bliss of art classes.

For a long time, I was nervous about what 40 was going to bring.  I started having my ‘mid life major re-assessment’ 2 years ago, knowing 40 was looming and the expectations I’d had for my 30’s.

But as the day arrives, I’m surprisingly peace with it.  I feel like I’m coming into my time.

Goodbye 39.

Hello 40.

Coral.  xo


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10 Responses to Goodbye 39

  1. Valerie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY miss quirky girl. I think you are incredible and continue to amaze me.

  2. Dar A says:

    Happy 40th, Coral. Now that you’ve crossed that beautiful bridge, I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous things headed your way! 😉

    • Coral says:

      Thanks Dar – love the idea of crossing a bridge. What a great way to describe it. I can’t wait to see gorgeous things coming my way too! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Big hugs.

  3. Megan says:

    Happy (late) Birthday Coral! Here’s to another year filled with art, hopes, and dreams!

    • Coral says:

      Thanks Megan! I’m excited to see where my art and business take me this year. Starting 2014 in such a different place to 2013.

  4. Happy birthday fellow Capricorn, garnet, carnation, January-babies-are-the-best girl! Wishing you a 40th year full of happy surprises and life changing goodness. You never know what a year will bring. On my birthday (yesterday!), two of my friends challenged me to go back to school with them and get my master’s degree. Not something I had planned for this year AT ALL! You never know what opportunities might come your way if you are brave enough to take them on. I’m terrified of the all out 16-month commitment it will take to get through this program along with working a full time job and doing web design on the side. (I’m trying to save for a trip to England next year!) But if not now, then when? There will always be something holding you back and sometimes you just have to break free and know you can do it! Happy 2014! The year of you!

    • Coral says:

      Happy birthday back Capricorn garnet girl! Love the idea of happy surprises and life changing goodness – let’s have more of that. Doing your Masters sounds amazing – love that it was a dare by your friends – a positivity dare. Now that’s awesome. A dare and support from your beasties to do something big. What a great revolution! Let’s have more of that too!

  5. Kat Sanders says:

    OMG! This is so me. I turn 40 in exactly 2 weeks and 39 has been the year of finding my center and my art (plus my first grandchild). My whole life is ahead of me and I can’t wait!

    • Coral says:

      Happy early birthday! Make sure you do something super awesome fun to mark it as a milestone, extra special birthday. I got some Kelly Rae Roberts artwork for mine. something to keep for a lifetime. So many of us are finding ourselves… I am discovering just how important this is. Maybe because my mid life major re-assessment has given me new focus on what really matters.

      Love the idea of it being your whole life ahead of you. It’s not just about going and sitting in a corner now there is a 4 at the front of our age 🙂

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