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40One Little Word – 2014

Me + Fun

Lots of people are working on their One Little Word for this year.  Choosing words like Permission, Explore, Thrive and Trust.  Words that will help them work towards their goals.  Words that mean they say yes.  Yes to that online workshop they’ve wanted to do forever.  Yes to starting their blog to share their heart with the world.  Or opening their Etsy shop to share their creative soul.

But my word means I’m being selfish this year.  In the nicest possible way, of course.

I’m turning the big 4-0 in a couple of days.

And if I don’t have a year for me this year, then when do I get one?  I’ve put myself last for a long time.  I think it’s a girl thing.  We look after everyone else first and leave nothing for ourselves.

I gave everything to That Day Job for a long time and my personal life would get what was left.  But in the last 2 years, I’ve discovered that means nothing to the people you have given your everything to.  You don’t even get a thank you after 10 years of service.  Seriously, not even a thank you.

Looking after a sick husband, being the lean on girl for friends. running the house, running two blogs, working with designers and manufacturers for my stamps and trying to learn so many new things all at the same time – it’s no surprise there was less than nothing left for myself.

And my solution was to comfort eat.

Needless to say, it’s left me feeling empty on the inside and overflowing on the outside.

If I tried to do something that wasn’t easy the first time, I would give up.  Put it in the “go back to it another day” box.  Because it wasn’t fun.  And because I had nothing left in the tank to experiment and play and go with the flow.  I needed it to be perfect first time so I could just get on with it.

But in September and October last year, I did 2 “in person, real life, get your hands painty” art workshops.

And my world changed.

With Chrissy Foreman Cranitch – I felt bliss the whole day.  I can’t remember ever feeling like that before that day.  Such serenity and clarity.  No sense of time.  An inner calmness instead of my usual frantic, everything has to be perfect way.  I realized that working artists get to feel like this a lot.   And it made me want this life more than ever before.  Imagine getting to feel like this on a weekday?

With Jane Davenport – I got to see my dream life in person.  I got to see the life of a working artist up close.  The stockroom for her online store.   Her studio filled with art supplies and camera equipment for filming.  I made art that was effortless and was so very me.  I got to play.  The whole weekend washed over me and through me like an afternoon spring breeze, blowing away the cobwebs built up over 40 years.

How did I not see life could be like this before now?

You can imagine it until the cows come home.  But when you experience your dream life, you get it.  You truly get what you heart has been calling you to do.

So in 2014, I want more of that.

More bliss.

More play.

More fun.

Coral.  xo

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    8 Responses to One Little Word – OLW 2014

    1. Robyn Wood says:

      It’s going to be YOUR year Coral!

      • Coral says:

        Thanks Robyn – I definitely feel like I’m closer to figuring it all out. Art and business and life. I grew so much in 2013. I’m hoping that growth and knowledge carry me towards even bigger and better things in 2014. Can’t wait to see what we both achieve!

    2. DancingMooney says:

      Good for you! I kind of learned that in 2013, to learn to play creatively, and stop looking at everything I tried as a potential business adventure.

      Sometimes we just have to put our lives and our business goals aside, and get our hands messy, just because!!! 🙂

      Love your blog. xoxo

      • Coral says:

        Love the idea of changing how you looked at your art. I often think – would this make a class? What am I learning as an art theory that I could teach? And everywhere I see marks and wonder if they could be turned into stamps. My last two years have been very business orientated. This year is going to be about fun and play and connecting and experimenting. I’m so excited because it feels like a much gentler way to be – and I think I need that this year.

    3. Dana Lynn Thompson says:

      I turned 40 two years ago (well, two years ago next Thursday…maybe we have the same birthday? Jan. 9?) It was a great year! I took a cruise for my birthday to kick it off. I ate healthy, got in shape and lost 20 pounds. I completed Project Life – took a photo every day and digitally scrapbooked a page for every week. And I took an online course with April at Blacksburg Belle that really propelled by business forward. And I made the decision to stick with my day job even though where I worked was in utter turmoil and I’m so glad I did now.

      So, here’s wishing you a kick ass 40th year! This is your year! 🙂

      • Coral says:

        Pretty darn close with the birthdays – we are probably very similar – hehehe. I hope my 40th is as transformative and adventure packed as yours was. Feel like I’m coming into something… Important? Transformative? Not sure… I just feel like something great is coming. Big hugs for your words Dana – you are such a sweetheart xo

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