Ever feel like the Universe is laughing at you?

Dream Big altered canvas Process at www.findingfirelight.com this week.

Dream Big altered canvas
Process at www.findingfirelight.com this week.

Ever feel like the Universe is laughing at you?  Because I’ve got the feeling it’s looking down at me like the Cheshire cat, grinning from ear to ear.  Chuckling quietly.  Cheeky B******.

I’ve been home sick from That Day Job for 2 weeks.  Two whole weeks.

It’s kinda sad when you would rather be this sick than go to your day job.  But some days are just like that, aren’t they?

In a way, it has felt like another chance to experience my dream life.  Getting up when I’m ready, not because the alarm says so.  Afternoon nanna naps – is 3 hours still considered a nap?  I’ve had time to send emails to art friends.  I’ve devoured my art magazines slowly, instead of a mad frenzied rush as another thing to tick off my to-do list.  I’ve watched more YouTube videos than I should admit to.  And I’ve started brainstorming new stamp plate designs.  Big long lists filling the page in an A3 sketchbook.

I’ve also been reading stories in those magazines I normally rush through and on my favourite blogs.  Stories that make my heart ache.

Stories that make me so green with envy I could take over Tinkerbell’s job.  She’s kinda green isn’t she?

Stories of people quitting their day job with no plans other than the dream of being a working artist.  Of beautiful breakthroughs and chance meeting with mentors that transform their lives into working artists.  Of being so successful husbands quit their day jobs too, so they can take over the tech stuff and online stores.  The girls just get to do art all day and film videos and do workshops and send projects off to magazines.  Basically, they just get to play and do the fun stuff.

This is where you start to wonder if the Universe is laughing at you.

You want this dream life so bad.  And it keeps showing you these stories.  These moments other people are having.  Moments you want to be having.  It wouldn’t be showing me this unless it is meant to be for me too, right?

I know behind all the dream life stories and social media photos is a bucket load of hard work.  And lots of heart aching failures.  Taking wrong paths and feeling lost.  Working day jobs that felt like the wrong fit so badly it hurt while they found their place in the world as an artist.

But when you are having woeful moments (thanks to a combo of jealousy and being sick), you don’t see the path that got them there.  You just see them as they are now.  And even that’s not real.  I’m sure they have moments when people don’t sign up for their classes.  When their website goes down just when they need it not to.   When their submission to a magazine gets rejected.

But as we dream of living their life, we don’t care about that stuff.  We just blow it all out of proportion to make ourselves feel like rubbish.  Why do we do that?

The trick is to use it as inspiration.

And motivation.

Not something that fills you with crushing resentment.

And it’s a chance to ask the Universe to show you what to do next…

To take one step closer to living the life of an artist.

Coral xo

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2 Responses to Ever feel like the Universe is laughing at you?

  1. Sage Grayson says:

    Sorry you’re feeling so sick. That sounds awful. 🙁 Well, the waking up when you want to and reading magazines part sounds good. You’re right that there’s usually a lot of failures and heartaches behind the scenes with that person who’s living her dream life.

    For me, when I see someone who’s more successful or doing what I want to be doing, I see it as a sign from the Universe that it is possible for me too. If someone else did it, then it CAN be done.

    • Coral says:

      Hi Sage – On my bad days, I get frustrated that I’m not where I want to be. Especially when That Day Job gets in the way and I see other girls who don’t work having time to do all the things I want to do.

      But on my good days, I discover yet another person who is making that dream of being a working artist come true. And every time you see another person making it happen, you believe it is possible. That it is possible for you. And on those good days, it gives you courage instead of making you jealous.

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