What does it feel like to be so close you can touch it?

Cover of the journal I made at the Jane Davenport weekend workshop.  You can read about it at FindingFirelight.com this week

Cover of the journal I made at the Jane Davenport weekend workshop. You can read about it at FindingFirelight.com this week

You’ve heard of living ‘as if” right?  As if your dream life is already your real life.

Well a couple of weeks ago, I accidentally got to do this when I did a weekend workshop with the fabulous Jane Davenport.

I walked up the driveway to Jane’s house and there it was.  Her house was so similar to the dream house I’ve pictured it was scary.  Deliciously scary.  Big timber deck overlooking  green paddocks for miles.

Her studio and store were like seeing your ‘Dream Studio’ Pinterest board come to life.

And listening to her talk about her business – oh my gosh.  It was like a one on one business workshop.  She was so generous.  To hear how it REALLY works was such a gift.  Just like the Donna Downey workshop though – it felt like I was the only one who realized just how big a deal it was for her to share this side of her life.  And I soaked up every word.

She openly shared the business side of her life in amongst the actual journal class which was supposed to be the real reason we were there.  She let us in on how she runs her online workshops – seeing her filming set up was one of my favourite secrets she revealed to us in her studio.   Tales of traveling to teach (Paris anyone?).  Chatting about some of my favourite artists as her close friends – imagine casually name dropping your friends like Flora Bowley in coversation?  And she spoke of having well known publishers approaching her about books and videos and online series, of business contracts and international art shows…. can you imagine?  Oh yes, she’s the real deal.

Sandy Forster wrote a book that has a great chapter about living as if.  She would drive into the driveway of a mansion every day to know what it would feel like until one day it was true.  (Not sure what the owner of the mansion thought….) And Danielle LaPorte just did a post on what your ‘ideal normal’ is.

To spend two days doing art in a place that is ‘so close to the life you’ve pictured it’s scary’ is intense.

Part of it is beautiful.

To feel it in real life.  To live it for two whole days.  Doing art on the deck, surrounded my acreage views, gorgeous weather, an amazing teacher.  Ah, this is the life.

But part of it messes with your head a bit.

Because you can’t just choose that life overnight.

You can’t just cross your arms and nod your head like ‘I Dream Of Jeanie’ and poof, there it is.

Because you know it takes a lot of work to get to that point.  And while you love living it just for a day or two, you are reminded just how far away you are from it being your every day.  And I little bit of ‘I’m not good enough’ creeps in even though you know better.  Even though you know that’s not what it’s about.

But seeing your dream life up close – really close – is intense and magical and divine and lots of other words that I can’t articulate……  It’s like the universe is giving you a preview of your future.  Just enough to give you the courage to keep going.  And it has the most beautiful energy  to it that stays with you for weeks afterwards.

Got the chance to live your dream life in some way?

Coral xo

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7 Responses to What does it feel like to be so close you can touch it?

  1. vicki from in.cube8r says:

    I posted something the other day that may resonate for you…..

    Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy

    I know exactly what you mean about the life you can see others living that you are hoping to have yourself………….and I know that negative thoughts will sometimes stop your mind from believing you can have that life too.

    But I suppose the difference between them & us is that they are just a little further along the track.

    Doesn’t meant that you’re not already there in someone else’s eyes though

    for sure, have an end goal, draw up a vision board, get back to Oprah reruns and read up on The Secret………..but PLEASE also remember to ENJOY EVERY DAY along the way.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in everyone else’s highlight reels that we forget how far we have actually come, or how lucky we already are.

    Just remember that you have an amazing gift, and it’ll all fall into place……if it hasn’t already fallen into place and you just need to see the forest rather than the trees xxx

    • Coral says:

      You are a wise woman, Vicki. And you always arrive with beautiful words just when I need them. Like my fairy godsister. I know people are just further along in their adventure than me, but there are days when I just wanna get there already. I wasn’t built for patience, I’m afraid.. Hehehe. The art workshops I’ve done in the last few weeks have transformed me in the most divine and beautiful ways. It has completely changed how I’m seeing art and business. I’m taking the time to enjoy these moments, not just racing to ‘there’.

  2. Ariel says:

    I love your cover, gorgeousness. I’m sure you do not create it just to be given feedback, but it is delightful.

    I know that for me, what it took was re-framing my day to see that I was actually living a version of what I wanted already. It just didn’t look exactly what I thought it would be in my perfect vision. Acknowledging that continues to be really helpful. Visioning the dream, then looking down at the hands that are joyfully taking the time to paint, or write, or whatever, that feels so good 🙂

    • Coral says:

      Thank you for your encouragement Ariel. Means so much. I already get to do parts of my ‘dream life’. Blogging in the morning. Journalling and painting at night or on the weekends. That makes it feel possible while working towards being able to live my perfect day every day.

  3. DancingMooney says:

    Just found you randomly on twitter, and visited your blog. I love your writing style, please keep doing this! (and maybe quit your day job sometime too) 🙂 xo!

    • Coral says:

      Hi – so excited to have you visit via Twitter. Thank you for your beautiful words – quitting my day job? I’m working on it 🙂

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