When someone left and they didn’t make a sound

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Someone at my day job quit last week.  No, it wasn’t me…..  A couple of Etsy sales a month isn’t quite doing it for me just yet.  But thanks for thinking it was me… hehehe.

He had been there for about 5 years.  What really hit me is there was no fanfare.  No drinks after work.  No nice speeches.  Not even a thank you.  No, not even a thank you.  I think I was the only one who said anything.  And at the end of his last day, he just kind of slipped out the backdoor.

That made me sad.  That 5 years of coming in every day.  Of doing your best.  Of going above and beyond your “official” job description.  Of handling a hundred little things so they didn’t blow up into big things…. It all meant nothing.  And I know that when I walk away, the same thing will happen to me.  I always kind of knew it wouldn’t be a big deal when I left.  But this was a little insight into my future.  And it wasn’t very nice.

I want to run towards my business even more now.

Because I want to do something that matters.

And clearly, showing up 8 to 5 for someone else doesn’t.

You kind of think it counts for something.  When you show up for someone every day.  When you help make their business a success.  But seeing this person just kind of wander off made me realize that it doesn’t.  A lady I used to work for once told me –

“No matter how good you are, no-one is irreplaceable”.

And she’s right.

When I leave, someone else will just fill my place.  And not long after, I’ll just be someone that worked there once.

For the longest time, I threw myself into work and the rest of my life got what was left.  Because you have a responsibility to do your best at work, right?  Because there is an obligation with work.  But in the last year or so – helped along by some stupid stuff my boss has said to me – I’ve realized I had it all back to front.  Work gets a bit.  But I save the best for outside of work.  For adoring my husband.  For hanging out with my dog.  For doing art.  For going out into the world after hiding away for so long.  And for working towards a business that will be so much more than working for someone else ever could be.

Because that’s what matters.

I’m having a mid life major re-assessment and racing towards the big 4-0 and I’ve only just figured this out.   Kinda wishing I figured this out a lot, lot earlier…

I hope you read this and you see it too. That you know where you are most valued.  That you see where your time and love and passion and spirit should be.  And who you share that with.

That you see what really matters.

Coral.  xo

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6 Responses to When someone left and they didn’t make a sound

  1. Vicki says:

    I had a customer come in the other day and mentioned this – it was ironic that your post came up a day later about this exact same thing!!
    “Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to a job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and house that you leave empty all day in order to live in it.”
    Make each day count xxx

    • Coral says:

      Oh gosh, it’s so true Vicki. JOB is just above broke and that’s why so many of us are running towards something more. A job doesn’t feel like it matters. It doesn’t feel like what I’m supposed to do. It doesn’t feel like I’m giving something to the world. And it wouldn’t matter if I walked away and never came back.

      What’s been so nice is that I can feel myself pulling away from That Day Job. As a square bear, I used to worry about work on the weekend. And I would feel guilty if I had a day off. Like I was wagging school even though I had taken a proper annual leave day. Like I shouldn’t be living my life on a Tuesday – that I should only do it on the weekend. How ridiculous! Now, That Day Job is just the financing for the bigger dream. It’s sometimes a big pain in the butt when I’d rather be doing art, but you have to eat and have a home and a car. And one day soon, I will be able to do that with my art instead of having a day job.

  2. Dar says:

    Coral, I’m just so glad that you see what really matters. I’d notice if you left, so keep creating and putting your beauty out here into the world. Because, we need it. 😉

    • Coral says:

      Thank you Dar – you are too sweet. I am so grateful to have something to work towards. In creating something that matters and is important. I hope everyone has that in their life. A bigger dream. Something beyond just existing in a day job. Yay for having big dreams.

  3. Megan says:

    At the moment, I’m very happy to have both. I love waking up early and getting myself all dressed up and business-y for my business-y job that I enjoy (most of the time) and even the drive to work in my car, cranking Metallica the whole way (of course.)

    But I also love getting home and working on blog posts and e-newsletters and creating handmade jewelry and listing it on my website and Etsy shops. I love making customers happy and going above and beyond their expectations. I love the thrill of a new sale or promotion. I love it all.

    I hope you are soon able to find a balance that you love. (Maybe a bridge job until you get your business going more?) Good luck and keep on keeping us posted! Your blog really is an inspiration!

    I feel perfectly balanced right now with a day job AND a business. Maybe someday that will change

    • Coral says:

      Hehe – you are rocking to Metallica, I’m rocking to Beyoncé. Different music but for the same reason. I feel like That Day Job takes up too much time when I would rather be painting and doing courses and creating. But it’s also funding the paint and courses and creating… Transitioning from day job to dream life takes time. As the reigning Queen of Impatience, that can be hard for me sometimes.

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