Are you an apprentice or trying to cheat?

A gift for a friend

A gift for a friend – a mini journal using scrapbook paper, Finding Firelight rubber stamps, torn magazine pages and ephemera all hand sewn together.

You listen to interviews on Blogcast FM, don’t you?  If you don’t, you have to get your butt over there.  Srini  does the BEST interviews.  Yeah, yeah, big woop you say….  But the thing I looooove about Srini’s interviews is that he asks questions from a beginners point of view.  So good. They are easy to listen to with no crazy jargon and no stupid advice like ask your millions of readers….  None of the stuff that normally sh*ts you to tears with interviews.

I was listening to one of his interviews in my car on the way to That Day Job – my car is my mobile university.

They talked about serving your apprenticeship.

Of paying your dues.

And how rare it is to hear about that as a path to where you want to go.

It’s not just about deciding what you want and getting it as soon as you make the decision.  It’s not about replicating what the ‘big names’ do and having their success right from the word go.

At my day job, I call it the “We’re not McDonalds”.

You don’t just ask for something and 10 seconds later it gets handed to you out of the window.   Life isn’t McDonalds.

So many people sell the overnight success path.  The ‘just do what I did and you can have everything you’ve ever dreamed of and it will only cost you $499’ story you see over and over again.  Ick – I think I need a shower.

You can’t pimp out your dreams like that.

It will make you feel cheap and nasty.

And what about all the good stuff you’ll miss along the way.  You’ll end up with no name brand vanilla icecream instead of honey macadamia Baskins & Robbins.  You’ll end up with digestive bisucits instead of Tim Tams dunked in hot milk with extra Milo.  You’ll miss out on the extra stuff that makes it worthwhile and important.  Those things that means it matters.  That’s the stuff that fills you up to overflowing….

I hate letting the overnight success lie make me feel like a failure.

Because it’s taking time.  Because sometimes it hasn’t gone how I thought it would.  Because there has been such a steep learning curve.  Because it’s harder and more challenging than I thought.

Instead of feeling like I’ve failed or I’m not good enough because I’m not Kelly Rae Roberts (yet), I’m just going to keep serving my apprenticeship.  I’m going to keep learning so I can run my race, my way, in my own time.  And as I break through the tape when I get there, with that exhausted sweaty happy look on my face, I’ll know I earned it.  I did it my way.  I ran every single one of those steps by myself.  I didn’t bum a lift on the bus to get me there.  I didn’t take a shortcut through the park.

Who wants to run with me?

Coral  xo

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2 Responses to Are you an apprentice or trying to cheat?

  1. Can I come with you Coral!?!! It’s so good to see the reality of having a handmade business………everyone on social media (myself included,) tend to highlight the good stuff, with only a smidgen of reality when we’re really low.
    The way I see it, if you spend every day doing something you love, you’ll live a happy life!! But you also need to have a plan if you want to spend ALL DAY turning your passion into a business………thanks for keeping it real!! xxx

    • Coral says:

      I’d love you to come along, Vicki! I promised when I started this blog that I would share “when it all went sideways” meaning I would share the hard stuff as well as the good stuff. I think a lot of people talk themselves up as being more successful than they are (fake it till you make it), painting themselves as an expert (because so many blogging experts tell us that is what we have to do to be successful) or as though they have found the whole experience an easy breezy serendipitous thing wondering why everyone is finding it so hard.

      I think if a few more people showed their true experience, it would give beginners at the start of this adventure a more balanced view. Of what to expect, how much there is to learn, how to take the next step. I also think everyone measures the adventure in sales and income and fame. That’s soooo not it. It’s about doing something for yourself. Of turning your vision into reality. Of not always putting ourselves last. It’s about becoming your true self. About finding other kindred spirits on the adventure. Of finding a community. Of learning from others and sharing your knowledge and experience to help others. It’s about making the world a better place. A more beautiful, caring, soulful world. Why do so many arty people leave that part out?

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