Don’t let the dream theives in…

My first ever big canvas - The Crafters Workshop stencils and Claundine Hellmuth's Studio paints

My first ever big canvas – The Crafters Workshop stencils and Claundine Hellmuth’s Studio paints

Last week, Terri left a heartfelt comment on my blog.  She called herself a “Dream Chaser”.  Isn’t that the most gorgeous description for what we are trying to do?

But one of the things she said made me really angry.

People tell me all the time I’m nuts, or they give me ‘that look’ that says “seriously you’re 49 yrs old – grow up and act it”

You know what?  There are 80 year old’s going to university for the first time.  There are people learning piano in their 50’s.  And there are people like me, going after a big, wild, crazy dream they’ve had their whole life in their late 30’s (soon to be early 40’s – eek). What’s with only being allowed to go after that big, wild, crazy dream in your twenties?  Says who?  When so many people bury their true calling deep down inside, never to be realized -surely having the courage to chase after it should be applauded.

It’s hard to make that choice instead of ‘playing it safe’.

It’s even harder to get back up again if it doesn’t work the first time or go the way you planned or happen as quickly as you would like (I’m the Queen of Impatience, remember?)

It’s scary.

To take that first step.  Figuring stuff out as you go along.  Constantly learning new things.  Constantly trying those new things.  And putting yourself ‘out there – Mirror, Mirror on the wall, that’s the scariest of them all.

The last thing you need is some idiot who says you can’t.

Because they think you can’t.  You know what?  Get stuffed!  You are supposed to be my cheer squad.  You are supposed to help me find my courage when I think I have none left.  You are supposed to be there with the Kleenex and Baskin & Robbins if it doesn’t go to plan.  You are meant to make the victories feel like winning an Oscar (secret childhood fantasy revealed – wanna hear my acceptance speech?)

Do not let the dream thieves in.

Do not let people steal your big wild crazy dream from you.

They don’t get to do that.

Coral.  xo

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    7 Responses to Don’t let the dream theives in…

    1. Nita says:

      Yeah!!!!! and unfortunately sometimes we ourselves are the biggest ones of all.

      • Coral says:

        Oh yes! We are often our own dream thief. We are good at convincing ourselves why we can’t do something. We aren’t always as good at convincing our selves we can. Thank you for reminding me of this one.

    2. Ruth says:

      I actually interpret these people that say we can’t as simply being jealous of our courage. It’s not that they think we can’t do it, it’s more that they’re scared we will do it!! Our success will only remind them of their own regrets – their own lost and forgotten dreams.

      Like Nita said, sometimes we are our own dream thief. The person that says it can’t be done is a dream thief to themselves. So I can only feel sadness for these people and hope that my perseverance will one day give them the courage to pursue their own dreams 🙂

      • Coral says:

        Hi Ruth – That is so true. I’ve often heard that the reason people don’t support us is because they think we will ‘leave them behind’ or that it highlights their regrets. I also think sometimes people don’t ‘get it’. They don’t understand what we are trying to do. They don’t understand what’s behind it. They can’t see the path we can. And they are worried we will get hurt or be disappointed. By not supporting us, they think they are protecting us. And it can be hard to support an idea you don’t understand.

        I know I am much better at talking myself out of stuff than into it. I really have to pay attention to my ‘inner talk’. We are so hard on ourselves sometimes. And we often think “but I’m just me, who am I to be able to pull this off”. But who are we not to? If we can’t dream it, we can do it. Otherwise, why would we dream it?

    3. Ruth says:

      Yes you’re absolutely right, Coral. Those people more often than not are coming from a different perspective and don’t have the capacity to ‘get it’. I agree that they’re words come out of concern – life is black and white to them. They absolutely think they are protecting us. My mother could never understand my meandering, unsettled, searching ways, always onto the next thing trying to find meaning and fulfillment. Now-a-days she tries so hard to be supportive and encouraging which I greatly appreciate, but I know she still worries about me. She just wants me to find whatever it is I’m looking for!! And deep down I’m certain she must have her own regrets and forgotten dreams. Being thrust into motherhood in her mid-20s life to her became about being responsible and surviving, not about her own selfish wants.

      It truly is all about perspective. I think if we just stick to our own convictions, pursue our dreams, learn to extinguish our self doubts (tough to do, I know!) and understand why ‘those people’ insist on being negative, our path to success will be unstoppable.

      • Coral says:

        Your Mum wanting you to find what you are looking for – I’m sure you want to find what you are looking for too! I have a friend who calls herself a “multi potentialite”. She has lots of loves and can’t focus on just one. She belongs to a forum with others who are the same. I think that is part of having courage – embracing who you are. Of learning what works for you, what fascinates you, how you want to get there… That’s all part of it. It’s all part of the adventure.

        I love that your Mum is supportive and encouraging. Sometimes you just have to block the negativity out, whether it comes from others or from yourself. You have to find your courage. Find your determination. Find your inner Sasha Fierce (thanks, Beyonce) and go after that big wild crazy dream. I love your word – Unstoppable. Might have to make that my word of the day!

        • Ruth says:

          Great points, thanks Coral! Yes it is all part of the adventure.

          And please, take the word ‘unstoppable’. Make it your word of the day, of the week… or the year for that matter!! It’s a powerful one 🙂

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