Why Easter is a great time of year for your business – hint, it’s not about the chocolate

The answer to the ill fated question - Why did the bunny cross the road?

The answer to the ill fated question – Why did the bunny cross the road?

Easter is about different things for different people.

Religion.  Chocolate.  Bunnies.  Chocolate Bunnies.

Mmmmm, chocolate bunnies….. Er, where was I?

For me, Easter is about renewal.  Starting over.  And I like to take this time of year to re-assess.  What I planned, where I’m at, where I want to go.

When a new year starts, we make all these huge, seemingly impossible goals, don’t we?  Oh, those New Years Resolutions.  Lose 20kg in a week.  Become the next Tim Holtz.  Climb every mountain and swim every sea.  No pressure.

3 months later we still haven’t gotten up off the couch or taken the wrapper of that new Yoga DVD we said we would do every day.  We’re still making lists and planning how to take on the crafting world without having actually DONE anything.  And we don’t really know what happened to all the other stuff.  It just kind of fell by the way side as every day life got in the way and that New Year enthusiasm gave way to our daily routine.  It’s okay to admit it – we’ve all done it.   Hands up – who does it every year?

I look at Easter as a gentler goal setting time.  A time to reflect on how we’ve done over the last 3 months.  How we are going with all those goals we set on the first of January.  What’s important.  What really matters.  And how the hell can I actually pull this off?

I’m checking in with you here.  Publicly sharing my plans and my progress.  And how it’s all traveling so far.

Make a sale in my Etsy store.  I thought this was a bit of an easy one when I set it.  That it wasn’t very ambitious.  It was more about reaching the milestone.  Until I went to an Etsy workshop where the speaker said it can take 6 months or a year to get your first sale.  You what?!  This is gonna be harder than I thought.  But I made my first sales to friends which was such a beautiful, gentle introduction.  And about 6 weeks after I opened my store, I made my first sale to a stranger.  I might need to rethink this goal now – since there are 8 more months in the year.  How about 1 sale a month?  Do-able without too much pressure, don’t you think?  Now, how to pull that off?

Design my own plate.  My first series of images were made with the help of designers.  I told them what I wanted and they did the ‘tech stuff’.  It was how I could see a way to start this big, wild, crazy dream of mine.  But it feels like the designs are someone else’s interpretation of what I wanted, not exact replicas of what I pictured.  And it feels like there is something missing.  A personal connection to the images.  The extra pride of being able to say they are completely my own.  It’s no secret that Photoshop and I are not friends which is why I used the designers.  I’ve managed to pick up a Photoshop for Dummies book at a book sale for $2 – bargain.  That’s a pretty cheap education.  And I’m determined to figure out enough to be able to turn some hand drawn images into the right format for the manufacturer all by myself.  Image sizes in pixels, vector images – it’s all blah blah blah to me at the moment.  I’ve started making some images for a plate and of course I have lots more scribbled down in my ideas journals, on post its and various pieces of paper.  Hmmm, maybe going through my pile of notes should get added to my to-do list.

Growing my Finding Firelight blog.  I had forgotten what it felt like when you did your first post on a new blog.  Even though I’ve been blogging here for almost 2 years, it’s still a whole new world with the new blog.  Finding your voice for a different blog.  How to write different posts to here at CWB.  Posts about how I made stuff without just saying – I did this.  Then I did this.  Then I did that.  The end.  But I’ve got some ideas on what to do to make this happen.  Especially after doing Blogging For Your Creative Business with April from Blacksburg Belle.

So I’m on track with some.  I’m re-jigging others.  And I’ve got stuff to figure out and to put out into the world.

What about you?  I’d love to hear what your New Year goals were.  And how you are going with them at the Easter check in point.

And how many chocolate bunnies you ate.

Coral.  xo

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