I caught someone stealing on the weekend

Class with Finnabair - Rocking Horse Shadow Box

Class with Finnabair – Rocking Horse Shadow Box

I did two class with Finnbair on the weekend.  Oh so good.  To do something arty and creative after all the business learning.  And doing mixed media workshops as advanced as this is rare where I am.  It was so nice to be creative with other people and to just get painty.

I overheard some girls talking about classes they had been doing with one of the other girls that was there.  A class I have heard of even thought I didn’t know those girls.  Because she was teaching classes by one of my favourite artists.  Except the students didn’t know that.  They’d never heard of the famous artist.  They thought this girl was a mad genius and a brilliant teacher.  They didn’t know she was teaching a class they could buy online from the REAL artist.  And the girl teaching the classes was glowing with pride and bathing in the glory of all the compliments.  Ick.

How can you act like a rockstar because your classes are so good when they aren’t your classes?

You are ripping off someone elses stuff and passing it off as your own.

If I was doing that, I would be freaking out that it was being discussed in a room full of really arty girls who are probably big fans of the real artist.  What if someone over heard and called you out on it?  What if someone realized what you were doing?

But I guess that is the difference between her and I.  I would be worried about being caught stealing while she was basking in undeserved glory.

At the beginning of the classes with Finn, she gave a little speech about not teaching the same class to others.  Of not copying exactly what we were being taught, but giving permission to use the techniques with your own style.   She asked us not to post step by step instructions on our blog of what she was teaching.  She reminded us this is her living, her only source of income.  And if she couldn’t teach anymore, she would leave the internet, meaning everyone would miss out.

If creating a class was easy, every idiot would do it.

If you have a blog and are trying to build it into something, you know how hard you are working.   To build a profile.  To build a following.  To define your style.  These artists spend years building that.  And they spend hours developing a signature class.

For online classes they film hours of video.  They spend even more hours editing it.  Then there is the technical stuff to host it.  For in person classes there are all the kits to be made up, hiring venues and the travel.  How dare anyone just steal all that work to make a ‘name’ for themselves.  How dare they use it to make a quick buck without having done any of the hard work.

When I told my husband, he commented that I should have said something about “oh, you’re doing [artists] class” and pointed it out to this rip off merchants unsuspecting students.  But I didn’t really register what was going on until the moment had passed.  It’s always the way, isn’t it.

Had I realized at the time, I would have made a point.  A really strong point.  I would have told her students.  I would have confronted her.  I would have defended my favourite artists hard work.

Heaven help this girl if I come across her again….

Coral.  xo

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