The 7 things I want to know about you.

Obsessed with shipping tags at the moment - this is another on to be added to the Tag Journal Project on

Obsessed with shipping tags at the moment – this is another on to be added to the Tag Journal Project on

I’ll admit – most people would say I have an abominable taste in music.  And there may or may not include some Miley Cyrus on my Ipod.  Which is cool if you’re 13.  Probably not quite so cool when you are 39.

You know her song, the 7 things I hate about you?

And at the end, it’s the 7 things I love about you.

Well I want to know 7 things about you.

I want to pretend we are just a couple of girlfriends hanging out having a coffee.  Well, you have the coffee.  I’ll have a hot chocolate.  Without marshmallows or cream.  (I’m a purist when it comes to my hot chocolate).  And I need it made on milk – I had some bozo make it with hot water once.  Eww!  Who makes hot chocolate with water, seriously?  So let’s sit down and have our hot beverage of choice and get to know each other.

#1 What sort of art do you do?   Jewellery, paint, paper, mixed media, sewing, knitting, crochet?  I’d love to see what you make.  Do you play with more than one?  How would you describe your art style?

I love art journaling and mixed media – using spray inks, stencils, acrylic paint and of course rubber stamps.  I’ve also done a metal etching/art jewellery class and assemblage/mixed media classes too.

#2  Who are your favourite artists? I’d love to know who you admire – both for their artwork and for their business.  Who is your art idol?  Who has the same dream business you want?

Anahata Katkin is one of my favourites.  Her artwork is stunning, but her philosophy around her business and her success is just as beautiful.  Kelly Rae Roberts is another beautiful artist who believes in creating a artful business with soul and meaning.  My other favourites are Christy Tomlinson, Donna Downey, Michelle Ward, Teesha Moore & Flora Bowley.  I could go on….

#3 Who do you love learning from?  Who have you done courses with? Which blogs do you read every week for your business and your art?

For me – April from Blacksburg Belle is fantastic for the business side of things.  Her weekly videos are short and to the point.  They have really easy to understand ideas and you can almost feel the light bulb light up as you watch them.  Ah, now I get it.  Of course.  Epiphany.

Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons Ebook was one of the first courses I did on this adventure.  It explains the basics and is so encouraging that you can do this.  Confidence is such a gift to give to someone just starting their adventure.  I go back to this one when I feel stuck or like things just aren’t coming together.  Or on the days where I wonder what they hell I think I’m doing.  A great courage booster.

Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday videos of an art journal page are another favourite (seems to be a thing with Wednesdays…)  Makes me feel fearless in my art.  There are days when I really need that.

#4 Where do you get your inspiration?  What magazines to you love?  What music do you listen to when you are doing your art?  How do you work best?

Stampington is my magazine company of choice.  Somerset Studio, Art Journalling and Where Women Create Business – oh joy.  I have over 10 years of Somerset Studio and the shelf they are on is severely bowed from the weight.  I’ve just started working on my first ever big canvas and it’s the first time I’ve really worked to music.  Still deciding if I like it…..  Shaking my booty to Beyonce while waving a paintbrush around… you can just imagine.

#5 What art books are in your book shelves?  Are they all on the one subject?  Or do you have lots of different art books?  Who are your favourite authors?  Which one is your absolute favourite (if you can choose just one, I can’t) and why do you love it so much?

Even though I don’t do much assemblage, I love both of Michael DeMeng’s books. Not just because they are great technique books, but because despite his slightly macabre artwork, he is incredibly funny.  And each artwork has a fantastic story behind it.  I also love my books by Claudine Hellmuth and Lynne Perrella.  And my set of 4 mini journals from Teesha Moore.  Oh, and my well worn copy of True Colours from Stampington.  All absolute go-to books.

#6  What artwork do you have on display?  Do you have artwork you’ve received from other people?  What is on your inspiration boards?  What’s on your bookshelves?  What pieces of your own artwork are your favourites?

I have a cork board of advanced artwork from other arty girls I’ve collected over the years from being in various online groups (don’t really do that these days).  I also have a board of art cards I’ve bought from Anahata Katkin and Teesha Moore and printables from people like Danielle LaPorte and The Maven Circle.  And I have a 3rd board that has things I want in my dream life.  My dream car (a Subaru WRX), my dream charity (sponsoring a Guide Dog) and motivating quotes (like the Apple ad torn from a magazine.  “I am _________ years old.  My dream is to _________”).  Yeah, there isn’t any more room on my walls – the other one is covered by a 6 foot book case overflowing with Somerset Studios magazines.

#7 What does your dream creative business look like?
What are you selling?  How are you selling it?  Are you teaching?  Are you speaking on stage?  How big are you dreaming?

I’m thinking I’ll do a whole post on this one – but I will say this.  I’m dreaming big.  Really big.  How about you?

I hope you’ll leave your answers in the comments or send me an email if you’re a bit shy.  I love sharing my adventure with you.  And I hope you’ll share your adventure with me too.

Coral.  xo

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