The difference between Pinterest and reality

A tag from my Tag Journal Project.

A tag from my Tag Journal Project.

You’ve seen them.  Those pictures on Pinterest of immaculate, uncluttered desks.   With a vase of fresh flowers.  Stunning furniture, the kind that actually matches.  Inspiration boards overflowing with typography and beautiful gifts from art friends and the most divine packaging kept.  Sunlight streaming in, with a beautiful view of a city skyline or park or your own immaculate garden that you groom to perfection.  That vase of flowers on the desk? You grew them yourself.  Ahhh……

I’ve talked about the movie Stand by Me before.  There is a scene where the legend of a vicious junkyard dog turns out to just be a regular dog.  The voice over says

“Chopper was my first lesson in the vast difference between myth and reality”.

My little blog helper

My little blog helper

The reality of how I blog – on the couch, with the TV going for company at 4am.  In the dark with just one light on to see what I am doing, leaving the rest of the house to sleep.  One of the cats – the white fluffy one, is usually wedged up against one of my legs.  She will often demand a cuddle or a chin rub before going back to her elaborate bathing regime.  This regime lasts about 5 minutes before she needs another chin rub which can stall the productivity a bit but I can’t say no.  I have my laptop on it’s special table and I sit with it resting on my crossed legs.  As I type, the cat will occasionally walk across my laptop table or my chest, shoving her tail up my nose as she goes to settle down on the other side of me to continue said bathing regime.  Again, a slight interruption to the flow of words.

You don’t need a luxury office.  My couch and laptop table let me do the job.  You don’t need a Mac book.  My little faithful Dell has stood me in good steed.  You don’t need an expensive camera and tripod set up.  My 4 year old point and shoot camera has a video function that is letting me do what I want to.  For my first video, I propped it up on a footstool and some stacked books, propped up with newspapers at one end to make it level.  Gl-gl-glamorous.

With my very un-pinterest set up, I’ve been able to start.  Of course I dream of Donna Downey video set ups and Kelly Rae Roberts studios. But if I waited until I had those, I’d still be waiting.  Don’t wait until everything is perfect.  Don’t let the interior designer photos fool you.

Start where you are, with what you have.

Coral.  xo

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3 Responses to The difference between Pinterest and reality

  1. Nita says:

    As usual, you are right on the mark. And it goes right down to how we live our lives and the way we spend money ( do we really need the most expensive designer couch/car/outfit/shoes? Well, may the shoes…). Don’t get me started! Lol!

  2. Nita says:

    As usual you are spot on! We can wait forever for things to be perfect…an extreme example is the fact that we don’t have any formal family portraits of us when our son was growing up because I was always waiting to loose weight before having the pictures taken. Because of course, I never did and the time passed by anyway. Look around you at what you’ve got and run with it! (and Chopper is pretty darn cute, btw!)

    • Coral says:

      Ah Nita – We have such perfect pictures of how things ‘should be’, don’t we? But I think we are both figuring out it is better to do things in a beautifully imperfect way, rather than wait for everything to be just right. Look around at what you’ve got and run with it – a great motto and way to look at it.

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