A word for the year – 2013.

This popped up on my computer screen every day at That Day Job to remind me what I am really working towards and encouraging me not to give up

This popped up on my computer screen every day at That Day Job to remind me what I am really working towards and encouraging me not to give up

Quite a few years ago, the idea of a Word for the Year went around the internet.  It went through the whole art community and I know many of the girls I follow on Twitter do the same thing each year. Ali Edwards has done it for years and is running a year long workshop called “One Little Word” this year which looks really cool.  I’ve done a Word for the Year for many years now and I also do a Thought for the Year.

Last year, my word was Courage and my thoughts were Get Serious, Go Tactical and Work Smart.

The thoughts all fitted so I used them all – why have just one when you can have three?

Courage was about having the guts to say yes.  To ask for help.  To keep going even when things are hard.  And to do things even if they’re scary.  I think in someways I pulled that off.  But reading over it again, I know I wasn’t as fierce as I could have been.  Gotta work on that.

Get Serious, Go Tactical was about being serious about what I am doing.  I’m not kinda sorta doing this thing. I’m not just having a bit of a go and seeing what happens.  After 14 years of dreaming, I want this damn thing to work.  No more playing around.  No tip toeing around things.  The tactical part was about trying things I was learning instead of just hanging out here in the wind all on my own.  About being organized about what I do, not just faffing about.  Not just reading about stuff, but actually trying it out to see what happens.  I discovered some stuff works, and some doesn’t.  For me, anyway.

Work Smart was about using my time wisely.  When you are trying to start a creative business while you have a full time day job (plus lots of travelling and a sick husband), you have limited time to learn and do all the things you want to.  So I wanted to be smart about how I used my time.  When I read about people who are supported so they don’t have to go to a day job, I feel like they have a head start on me.  A big one.  That they can spend all day learning and practicing and doing – can you say ‘envy’?  So I have to make the most of the time I do have (without making my head explode).

This year, my word(s) for the year is Creative Empire.

I read it on Mayi Carles website somewhere and I love that idea.  Of building a creative empire.  Of thinking big.  Of course, I am just starting, but I have big dreams.  Big goals.  Big ideas.  I think having the idea of a creative empire in my mind will push me towards growing that, instead of playing small.  Danielle La Porte also talks about being Supernova which sounds like you shine super bright – I like that idea too.  Still deciding if I have that one too.

My thought for the year is Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You.

I think I’m setting my sights pretty high.  Like – ‘can barely say it out loud’ – high.  And I can’t play small.  If I’m doing this, I’m really doing this.  And when was the last time anyone went after a Big, Wild, Crazy Dream and said “Gee, I hope I’m mediocre at this”.  Er, never.  Ever.

Never done a Word for the Year?  Then this is the year, Possum.  I can feel that 2013 is gonna be a.maz.ing.  Choose a word that has power.  That lights a fire in your soul (and under your butt).

Coral.  xo

PS – As 2012 comes to a close, I want to thank all of you.  Every single one.  For taking what precious spare moments you have to read my words.  For coming on this adventure with me.  For your messages on Twitter, your comments here and for the beautiful emails you have sent.  Every single one of them has meant the world to me.  Biggest hugs to you and biggest wishes for you in 2013.

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3 Responses to A word for the year – 2013.

  1. Dawn says:

    Happy New Year, Coral! I love your new word- I think it will challenge you to reach your highest potential this year. I’m so excited to see what happens with you and how you reach for the stars! Are you taking any e-courses or using resources to help you reach your goals? I’d love to hear about them!
    I’m still working on my goals and my word. I’m taking a short mini-course from Kelly Dahl called: Fulfill Your Year http://www.perchedtofly.com/2012/12/fulfill-your-year-your-weekly-inspiration/- so I’m hoping this will help me along.
    I love your line, “Then this is the year, Possum”- I will keep that cute image with me as I strive to fulfill my dreams as well!

    • Coral says:

      Hi Dawn – Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement. I am part of Leonie Dawson’s Goddess Circle – she has a great planner for business which I want to work on. Other than that, I am hoping to finish an ebook from Mayi Carles about writing an ebook (even though it is a long term dream, rather than short term – it’s very interesting and I love her writing style. Great example and inspiration for finding your voice). I need to finish off an art course with Jane Davenport before it expires too. Lots of half done things hanging over my head at the moment. I am making a deal with myself not to sign up for anything else until these are finished. Hoping to throw myself in to more art this year and not as much business learning.

      I’d love to hear what goals you dream up and what your word for the year will be. I have a feeling 2013 is going to be an amazing year for all us creative girls. So, yes, Possum, this is the year. For choosing words that give us courage and inspiration. For taking the leap of faith. And for going on our very big adventures with an open heart and an open mind. Happy 2013. xo

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