Learning fatigue

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April from Blacksburg Belle had a post on her blog last week about trying to learn from too many people –  which meant you actually don’t learn anything or you spend so much time learning you don’t have time left for actually doing.

I am coming for a slightly different perspective this week.  Learning fatigue.  I constantly feel like I’ve got so much to learn.  And there are days when I am tired of learning.  I just want to be able to do it.  To just make things happen and move on to the next thing.  I want to learn when I feel like it – which is not every single time I want to do something.  But that is what seems to be happening at the moment.

First there was the sewing machine incident.

I am not a sewing person.  I bought a super cheap budget buster machine for sewing elements on to my journal pages to give them another texture and look – inspired by Dina Wakley and Roben Marie Smith.  It took me ages of trying to follow the (very simple) directions in the book to set it up.  The bobbin thread would bunch up in a huge knot every time I put the peddle down and I couldn’t work out why.  My husband came to help and we finally got it going.  (It’s a bit sad when your husband is more adept at using a sewing machine than you are).

Fast forward a few weeks and I went to use it again.  Having not changed or touched anything, I thought I would just plug it in again and go.  Nope.  The bloody thing bunched up again.  Cue flood of tears and huffing & puffing with frustration.  “I just want it to work” I howled.  Yup, glamorous, I know.  “I’m sick of learning”.  And there it was.  The first sign of learning fatigue.

Then there was the Etsy store banner incident.

I went to my Pinterest board for computer stuff and opened a tutorial on making a photo collage.  Then I opened Gimp – the photo software my husband had downloaded.  After following the steps to a certain degree, I got stuck.  Cue more huffing and puffing and bemoaning.  More glamourous behaviour.  “I hate having to spend 10 hours trying to work out stuff other people do in 10 minutes.  I just want to be able to do this montage and get on with it.  I’m sick of having to learn all this stuff”.  Second sign of learning fatigue.

Now, I am well aware I am the Queen of Impatience.  I have admitted it here many times before.  This is not a new declaration by any means.  But at the moment, I’m sick of learning.  Of being a beginner at everything.  When do I get to be the smarty pants?  I’ve done a lot of stuff to get this far, but I certainly don’t feel like I know what I am doing.

Is this how other people start their businesses?  By just winging it, figuring it out enough to get by?  It doesn’t feel like it, does it?  When you look at your business idols, it feels like they have it all worked out but behind the scenes, they probably don’t.

I spend a lot of time saying “I’m doing what it says to do but it’s not working”.  And I spend a lot of time on Google trying to figure stuff out.  Not quite the stuff of business legends is it?  They don’t write that in the business books, do they?

Coral  xo

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2 Responses to Learning fatigue

  1. When I went to the Artful Business Conference, one of the big things we talked about there was being impatient……………it’s SO HARD when you want to JUST DO IT ALREADY but you’re limited by your skills, knowledge, or anything – SO FRUSTRATING!
    One of the other things that I got from the conference was “don’t compare your whole life with everyone else’s highlight reel.”
    Most people only post their success……………..Coral you are the shining light in all of that positive energy – we are all sitting here nodding our heads and saying “yep i feel the same.”
    Just remember that you’re leading the way for all of us, you’ve just got the guts to actually put it all out there while we all sit back and make out that it’s all perfect from where we’re sitting………..as Tom Waits sings in his gravely tones,”gotta get behind the mule, and plough.”

    • Coral says:

      Oh Vicki – I am crying happy tears at your beautiful words. Your comment is such a gorgeous compliment. You are right – everyone is happy to share the highlight reel but not when things aren’t going to plan. Then someone like me comes along and wonders why it’s not a perfect little process like they make out. So glad someone is learning from my honesty – haha! Thanks for continuing to come on the adventure with me. Hugs to you.

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