Falling in with the right crowd

Photo I posted on Instagram – Setting up my Etsy Store.
Instagram name – Finding Firelight/Coral Lee

The twelfth of December, 2012.  This number keeps coming up and I’ve had to write it on some paperwork this week.  And as I wrote it, it stopped me in my tracks.  This is the last time I will write 3 numbers the same in the date in this lifetime.  12/12/12.  Ooh, didn’t that make me feel like a tiny pea in the pond?  Making the universe seem really big and infinite with me in my little boat.

It’s got me thinking about my ‘mid life major reassessment’.

And about what I really want to do.

I’ve dipped my toe in the water of what my life could be like.

It has given me a good kick in the butt and reminded me why I can’t quit.  Why I can’t go back.  They say “Once the mind is stretched by a new idea, it can never go back”.  I get it.  I truly get what this means.  And if you’ve started your adventure too, you’ll know what I mean.  Once you dive into this world, you can’t go back.  Even if you only have your teeny tiny pinky toe in the water.

People talk about falling in with the wrong crowd.

Of being being led astray.  And to beware.

But what I’ve discovered is the other side of this saying.

The one that no-one tells you about.

Falling in with the right crowd.

Of being lead where I am meant to go.  Of being aware.

Now I have seen behind the curtain, the other side of what life can be, I can’t go back.  I need to run towards it.  It’s bloody hard.  Sh*t it’s hard.  It has it’s roaring highs and devastating lows – as witnessed by my alternating between happy dances and cranky dances in my lounge room.  And plenty of tears too.  I cannot get a glimpse of this life and then turn back.  I can’t dip my teeny tiny pinky toe in, then step back out and walk away.  I want to jump in with both feet.

And so I will wake up at 4am again tomorrow and take another step in the adventure.  Are you coming?

Coral.  xo

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    4 Responses to Falling in with the right crowd

    1. Dawn says:

      I am right there with you, Coral! I could have written this post! (but I’m glad you did-you have a great way with words!) A year ago my business was just a dream and now it’s a reality. Even though it’s in it’s infancy I feel that I’ve learned an incredible amount and have gleaned so much inspiration from others. There really is no turning back- but I wouldn’t want to anyway. Thanks for your inspiring words!

      • Coral says:

        Hi Dawn – so funny, I was just looking at your blog yesterday. Love your take on paintbrushes – I just got a new one I am so in love with and I have a favourite that has seen better days which I am mourning the loss of.

        I’m so excited to hear someone else feels this too – the inner click. The connection to the community that is online creative and handmade business.

        And thank you for your beautiful words on my writing – so sweet. It means a lot.

    2. Erin says:

      Ohhhh that photo is so beautiful! Wow…it looks absolutely amazing, Coral! I’m so excited for you 🙂

      This post, too, is beautiful. I know that feeling of falling in with the right crowd and of never being able to go back. It’s like finding a whole other world you never knew was there, right under your nose, and now your old life will never feel the same.

      • Coral says:

        Hi Erin – Your excitement is making me excited! I can’t wait to open my Etsy store. I love that you feel it too – that you get it. So great to know it’s not just me. That other people feel it’s more than just something interesting to read or do. I feel filled up to overflowing when I go playing in this pond. I can’t wait to become more a part of it once my Etsy store is up and running and I am playing with growing and changing and evolving it all. Love that you are playing in the pond too.

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