Fighting the vanilla

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I hate vanilla.

Actually I quit like it – it’s a classic.  Who doesn’t love a classic?  But I hate that my writing is feeling vanilla.  It just doesn’t feel like me.  I feel like I am holding back.  Editing.  Censoring.

“Finding your voice” is something everyone talks about when you start a blog.

It’s harder than it sounds, trust me.  You would think it just comes, but it doesn’t.  I thought I found it about 3 months in.  But what I found was my writing style.  The way I write.  Little quirks I seemed to repeat.  But finding your voice is more than that.  It’s about personality and feeling and thoughts.  It’s about letting people in.  And I’m realizing that I haven’t found that yet.

When I did my first audio interview, I was surprised how ‘ocker’ I sounded.  It was kind of a shock.  Do I really sound like that?  I thought it would put people off because I didn’t sound like an interviewer is supposed to.  But that’s kinda the point -I’m not a 60 Minutes reporter. I’m just a girl trying to figure out how to turn this life long dream into reality.  And hoping that sharing it will help other sisters with their dreams too.  We’re all in this together, right?

So I’m going exploring to find my voice.  I’m going to pay attention to how I speak.  What words I use.  I might just ignore the swear words though.  And so you may notice a few changes in my posts in the coming weeks – hopefully for the better.  I’m trying to let you in.

Do you have a blog?  How did you find your voice?  Or are you still trying to find yours too?  I’d love to hear from you.

Coral  xo

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2 Responses to Fighting the vanilla

  1. Finding and using your own, unique writing voice is my #1 most important tip for bloggers.

    Like they say, if you try to appeal to everyone you’ll end up appearing to no one.

    So I say “crap” a lot on my blog. And other crap that is pretty distinguishably me. As a result, my readers feel like they are getting to know me (a real person!), through my posts. They then go from passive readers into a fiercely loyal tribe of followers. Or at least, the cool ones do.

    I wrote a guest post on Handmade Success awhile ago on how to “Be Genuine,” mayyyybe you wanna check it out:

    • Coral says:

      Hi Megan – love that you say crap a lot because that’s the real you. Your true voice. The real you. I read your post on Handmade Success – love the two sentences as examples. I think we are probably both more second sentence kinda girls 😉

      I feel like I’ve been hiding. Like I’m not letting my true self show through here. I was worried about how ocker I sounded, but after my video, people complimented me on it – wasnt expecting that! I’m working on finding my voice and I think I’m figuring out how to show the real me…. Stay tuned

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