Expectations and hard work

A journal page I made on the weekend using Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints, magazine cutting, Scarlet Lime journalling pen, washi tape and Finding Firelight Artist Marks stamps

I try too hard.  I fight my way through.  I push too much.  I force things – Just ask my husband about me and jigsaw puzzles.  Let’s just say it’s not pretty.

I think I make things hard when they don’t need to be.  And that takes a lot of energy.  People talk about hard work and hustle.  I’ve been working hard but I’m wondering if I’ve been working hard in the wrong areas.  On the wrong things.

At a Bristyle workshop I did late last year, a panel of 7 or so girls all said they spend 1 day making and 4 days marketing.  I thought about this again the other day and looked at what I’ve been doing. I spend 1 or 2 days blogging, 3 days building relationships and about 5 days of learning – through blogs, ebooks, online courses and business videos.

I need to rethink things a bit.  Change what I focus on.  I’m enjoying building relationships and it has the potential for growing my business long term in a genuine way although that isn’t the main reason I am doing it.  I’m enjoying all the learning I’m doing.  But I think I need to stretch a bit more and ‘put myself out there’.  Reach out to new people, share what I am doing.  To be bolder and braver.  To step out and announce what I am doing to the world.

And I need to be more diligent with how I use my time.

Pinterest ‘in the name of research’ is a time suck.

I have 2 blogs now.  I need posts and photos for both, I’m working on opening my etsy store, I need to do my artwork which is kind of the point of all this and I still have That Day Job.  And there is lots more coming on my plate.  I’ve started to realize just what I’m taking on.  And I need to be smart about this otherwise I’m gonna fall in a heap.  I’ll crash and burn in a spectacular fashion.

I also think I need to stop pushing.  Not just hustle hustle hustle.  To take the pressure off.  It’s supposed to be fun.  Yes, there is hard work and learning but what’s the point if you don’t get the chance to enjoy it every now and then.  I need to leave room for beautiful things to come in – being surrounded by frantic energy is not going to do that.

I need to take a step back.  To give things space and time.  To steep. To unfold.  To reveal themselves.  For the universe to align the stars and planets in just the right way.

I just need to keep showing up.

Without such high expectations.

Any maybe with no expectations at all.

Coral xo

PS.  I’ve started a blog for my art stamps – you can have a peak at FindingFirelight.com.  My Etsy store is getting closer every day too – I will let you know when it is officially open.

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