The Big Reveal – what I have been working on

I got a parcel from the manufacturer last  week – they’re here, they’re finally here!

I’ve made a video to show you what I have been working on for the last year and a bit.  Woo Woo.

It’s kinda scary putting myself on the screen but I really wanted to share what I’ve been working on with you in a show and tell kinda way.  Not just words and maybe a couple of photos.  It’s only 3 minutes long, so I hope you will take a couple of moments out of your day to watch.

Please excuse the dog running off noisily through the leaves and the crows & minor birds who talked over the top of me most of the time.

You discover a lot of things about yourself when you make a video.  Apparently I raise my eyebrows a lot and my hair get in my face quite often too.  And I think I need a few more workouts on my new Michelle Bridges aerobic step.

I hope you enjoy the video.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Coral  xo

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14 Responses to The Big Reveal – what I have been working on

  1. Coral,
    May I be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS!! What a great product you have!! I can’t wait to see the full range & get out my papers again!!
    Your journey has been long & hard, with dips & turns……just like the rest of us. The only difference with you is that you never pretended it was easy. You showed us that it was hard and that you are just as vulnerable as us – it makes you relatable & human, and it makes todays post even more enjoyable, to see light at the end of the tunnel for you!
    Well done again! xx

    • Coral says:

      Thank you so much for your beautiful words, Vicki. Your support and encouragement has been so lovely – please know how much that means.
      When I said I was going to share when things went sideways when I first started, I had no idea there were going to be as many challenges as there has been. But I pushed through and I am feeling so grateful and proud that I kept going. I am hoping it gives encouragement to others on the same adventure.

      Big hugs to you, Vicki

  2. Zoe says:

    That’s so cool congratulations on your new product! You look so proud 🙂

    • Coral says:

      Thanks Zoe. I’m a combination of things I think. I feel proud. In some ways I feel relieved – kind of like when you get a slice of orange at half time. It is a moment of relief before I run back out on the field. I’m excited to finally have my stamps in my hands and about where I can go from here. Thanks for following along on the adventure.

  3. Erin says:

    Yes! Oh, this is so exciting!! And inspiring! The stamps look beautiful, and that is so cool that you’re finally realizing a dream you’ve held on to for so long. I’m so happy we’ve gotten to connect, and I look forward to continuing to follow your journey. 🙂

    Also, I’m totally jealous that you have a mango tree!

    • Coral says:

      Thank you for your beautiful words, Erin. It’s been great connecting with you. Cheering each other on, sharing challenges and milestones. It means a lot.

      Don’t be too jealous of my mango tree – lots of shade and a good place for the birds to hang out, but not too great in the fruit department. Had my first mango of the season last night for dessert – sooo good!

  4. Shan says:

    Hi Coral,

    Congratulations on getting your stamps out into the world! I’m not a scrapbooker, but I can just imagine the work that went into them. It obviously means a lot to you to have accomplished this and I admire the perseverance it must have taken you to get to this point!

    The background noises on the video were awesome. I actually view crows as messengers and for me, they’re usually messengers of great things to come. My wish for you is that they are the same for you and if that’s the case you are SO going to prosper!

    More power to you, fellow Aussie Goddess 🙂

    • Coral says:

      Thank you for your beautiful words, Shan. Crows as messengers of great things to come – I have never heard of that before. It’s so beautiful – I love that you have shared that with me. Judging by the chorus going on while I was filming my video, I have lots of wonderful things coming my way. Big hugs to you.

  5. Sharyn says:

    Congratulations Coral! I’m visiting you via the G Circle. I love that you have realised a long desired dream! I can’t wait to see your stamps in action. I’m a total stamp junkie : )

    • Coral says:

      Love meeting another stamp junkie:) I’m trying to work with lots of paper and paint as well at the moment – Love Christy Tomlinson, early Mary Anne Moss, Teesha Moore (of course – the Goddess of Art Journalling). Adore 7 Gypsies too – love their branding, their range and the story of where they started.One of my business inspirations.

      having my own range of art stamps has been a long held dream – 14 years! I hope the video gives others the courage to go after their dream too, knowing if you show up day after day, you can make it happen. That it’s never too late to go after the big dream.

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  7. Dawn says:

    That is wonderful, Coral! It is a big deal! And it’s important to celebrate those milestones- no matter how small they may seem to someone else- they’re huge to you and you should feel so proud!!
    I feel like you and I are on similar paths right now. I, too, am just beginning to start up my art business. It seems like such an arduous process sometimes but it is SOO rewarding as well. And when I actually start making a profit doing what I love (and when you do, too) it will be a HUMUNGOUS achievement- even if it doesn’t seem like it to others.
    So congratulations and may you have many more of those little BIG moments to come!!

    • Coral says:

      Oh Dawn – so nice to meet another creative business adventurer! They are small moments to other people, stepping stones in the bigger picture – but they feel so momentous when we reach them. It’s not just what you’ve a achieved. It’s about what it signifies, about all the effort you’ve put in to get to that point. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in creative business.

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