Doing what calls you

Some of my favourite art books – Claudine Hellmuth, Sally Jean Alexander and Michael DeMeng

The whole time I have been on this creative business adventure, I have been going with what feels right.  With what calls to me.  It seems to lead you where you need to go next.  To figure out which thing on that never ending to-do list is the most important.  And that list just seems to keep growing, doesn’t it?

Right now, I feel like getting a new photo for Twitter and CWB. The one I have is a really good shot.  But it was taken at an art workshop at someones house, so all their garage stuff is in the background – not so glamorous.   Hi, this is me… and someones rake and shovel and buckets.  Woo woo.  Not so sexy.

I would like to reach out to other bloggers for interviews again.  That’s been on the back burner for a little while.  I think I lost my confidence a little bit.  The last one I did was in the middle of storm season.  And when it rains here, it really rains.  We have a metal roof and when the rain falls hard, you can’t hear a thing.  The noise is absolutely thunderous.  I was so worried I would have to cancel an interview because of the noise so I stopped asking.  Sounds silly really, doesn’t it?  I don’t ask people for interviews in case it rains.  I’m a Rebel with a Cause.

I’ve also been working on my newsletter.  Yes, I know.  Still.  I started a couple of months ago but it just didn’t feel right.  It felt awkward.  So I put it to the side until I could figure out how to fix it.  How to get the feel I wanted.  I’ve finally got it all set up (what a mission that was) and have put a sign up button at the top on the right hand side.  I wanted to get it out into the world.   It felt really important.  It was the one thing that was calling to me the loudest.

I’m also doing a course at the moment on writing an ebook. It’s so good.  I mean Baskins & Robbins macadamia nut ice cream good.  I’m making lots of notes of course – I am a habitual note taker.  You should see my pile of note books and post it’s and scraps of paper all full of ideas and hastily scribbled moments of brilliance.  I have been writing down chapter ideas and layouts and designs for a book for a while.  But I am having to push that back even though it is so delicious to dive into.  Did someone say ice cream?

A book is something on the to-do list for a year away.  It isn’t what I should be focusing on now.  I needed to get my newsletter set up.  And the blog for my creative product – also done with the big reveal coming soon.  And my Etsy store needs to get set up – next on the to-do list.  Plus my products will be arriving any day from the manufacturer – so there will be photos and examples and all sorts of busy stuff needed for those too.  See what I mean about a never ending to-do list?

It’s so easy to keep adding to that to-do list, but I have to prioritize it.  Otherwise I have 10 things on the go at once but nothing actually gets done.  And that feels sucky.  Really sucky.

I just keep working through it slowly but surely.  Ticking things off.  Going with what calls to me next.  And it is leading me closer to launch day.  To big milestone day.  To husband takes me out to a nice dinner to celebrate day.

Some people are the hare.  And some people are the tortoise.  I have discovered I am a tortoise.

But if you remember, the tortoise wins the race *wink*

Coral xo.

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2 Responses to Doing what calls you

  1. Zoe says:

    You sound so much like me at the moment, allsorts on the go!! It’s finding the time to do it all. Just found you and love your blog.

    • Coral says:

      Hi Zoe – so nice to see you here! Yes – the never ending to-do list. I keep fantasizing about the day I can quit That Day Job, thinking it will give me more time to fit it all in. But I will probably just fill my day up with more stuff! I love online courses and ebooks and things. And of course, if I can quit That Day Job, it means my business would be quite busy which would keep me out of mischief too.

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