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You know those stories you read about people who get up at 4am for years to turn their idea into a business.  When I read those stories…

I have a combination of thoughts.  The first ones are ‘Stuff that’ and “You gotta be kidding” and “I couldn’t do that”. 

The second thought I have is that it shows sacrifice and determination.  They must really want it to get up that early.  I can see why they are successful.  And now it is happening to me.  (The getting up early part, not the success part.  Not yet, anyway)

I started by getting up at 5.30am.  I was barely getting started on my very long to-do list before I had to pack up and start getting ready for That Day Job.  Then I was getting up at 5.00am, which let me get more done but it still wasn’t enough.  And so…

I’ve started getting up at 4am.

I know, I know.  But I’m actually excited when I wake up.  I know I will have a good block of time to get really involved in what I want to get done.  Even though I am getting up crazy early, I am feeling less stressed because I am less rushed.  I am getting so much more done and my to-do list isn’t quite so overwhelming (although I seem to keep adding to it every day).  Getting up that early doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.  I am happy to get up at that time.  Although, I often have ‘nanna naps’ on the weekend to catch up on sleep.

If you had told me when I first started this adventure that I would be getting up at 4am, I would have had second thoughts.  Because I didn’t think I would have to get up that early to get things done.  Because at the time, it would have seemed very hard – a huge ask.  And even though I was committed to going on this creative business adventure, I don’t know that I felt as committed when I started as I do now.  Maybe because I naively didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I imagine being successful and telling people I got up at 4am to make it happen.  I am sure there will be shocked faces and gasps of surprise from the person I say this to.  But I will be proud I got up that early.

I will understand that it seems like a sacrifice to them.  It would have to me a year ago. 

But I will know I did it happily and that the effort has paid off.  (she says hopefully)

What time do you get up to fit in everything on your to do list?

Coral xo

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2 Responses to Time

  1. I’m writing to you at 5.44am – I’ve only recently started getting up at this unholy hour, to have a full hour dedicated to my work. Being a mum of 2 boys, and running a small business isn’t the easiest thing to juggle – and now that my body wakes up at 5.30 automatically, I too get up with enthusiasm, ready to power through the day. I have to also question you Coral, on your definition of success – when do you think you’d have made it, if you are already spending time on what you love? 🙂 Vicki

    • Coral says:

      So nice to hear someone else is getting up before the sun. My definition of success? Being able to quit my day job. That is the ideal and dream – I think many of us arty girls fantasize about that. When I unlock my bosses office in the morning, I practice my resignation speech. Sandy Forster recommends this – practicing or somehow living the way you want to live. So I practice my resignation speech, revel in my days off practicing my ideal day, imagining what my dream life looks like down to the finest detail (you should see my dream office!)

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