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I went to a Selling Online workshop recently with Bristyle.  Loving their I Heart Craft workshops.  The workshops are free [gotta love that] and they have so much information.  Real information.  This one had a few different Etsy sellers all sharing their experiences.  My favourite workshops with Bristyle have been the ones that included a group of sellers, rather than a single speaker.

Here are some of the best tips I learned:

Starting is the most important.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Don’t over think it.  You will grow into it.  Just start.

Find your style.  Find you own look and style.  Don’t do things just because it is the done thing.

Listings.  Good photos are very important.  People can’t touch what you are selling – you need to include lots of information like colour, size, materials.

Packaging, Packaging.  Beautiful packaging is important.  Make opening your parcel the best part of their day.  Buy your packaging in bulk to help reduce your costs.

Marketing.  Etsy is huge, but with good marketing you can build your place.  Join an Etsy team to meet people and get more traffic.  Build your networks through blogs as well – it all helps.

Know your story.  You need a story for people to connect with and to help you stand out.  Use this story in your Etsy store and your newsletters.

Newsletters.  People don’t always check in with blogs, Twitter and Facebook, but they always check their email.  This keeps you in their mind and gives you a direct line to your customers.  Make sure you inform, entertain and inspire your readers – the newsletter is for them, not you.

Postage.  Know your packaging and postage costs – they can eat into your profits.  Consider all the different options to see which one is easier and cheaper – prepaid satchels, padded satchels, boxes. Buy your supplies in bulk to reduce the cost.  If you start selling in volume, you can get discounts and special services – ask your post office what they can offer you.  Once your products weigh over 500grams, the price of postage goes up quickly.

The thing I love most about these workshops is hearing from people who have a successful store.  All of the people that spoke at this workshop shared how they started and the tips they believed helped them grow their store.  Hearing them talk is very encouraging – how they started, what they found has worked for them.  Some of them have changed what they sell from when they started.  But some success when they started with gave them the chance to grow and change into their new directions.

And they all seem so happy to be doing something they love as a business.  The dream inside us all….

If you get the chance to hear Etsy sellers talk in person – at a live workshop or online interviews, I highly recommend it.  Hearing first hand from people makes it feel more real.  And more possible.

Wishing you more.

Coral.  xo

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