What I learned from the logo debacle

Ranger paint dabbers

I was going to write a post about the 5 things I learned from the failed first attempt at my logo.  But it just felt too smarty pants and I hate that.  And to be honest, I’m not feeling too smarty pants right about now.

So instead I am going to share the one thing I learned.  Actually, it seems to be the one thing I keep learning over and over.

Just keep going.

I’ve tried to start this business before.  I’ve tried to find a way, but because of a lack of courage as well as a lack of knowledge, I haven’t gotten very far.  And so, I put it to the back of my mind.  It would come out of the darkness sometimes.  Like when I saw someone else starting their creative business.  Seeing someone else living my dream.  But this time – this try – it’s different.

Maybe it’s my ‘mid life major re-assessment’.  Maybe it’s because I’m not trying to figure it out all on my own this time.  And maybe it’s because I am sick of wanting and dreaming.  Maybe this time I’ve just gotten determined enough.

This path has been a rocky ride so far.

Things have taken longer than I thought.  The finances have been a challenge.  And it’s been an emotional rollercoaster that I wasn’t expecting.  But through it all, I’ve found a way to keep going.  To. Just. Keep. Going.

Even when it felt like the work wasn’t paying off.   Even when I felt lost.  Even when I was taking one step forward and two steps back.

If there is something you want – really want – my biggest hope for you is you find the courage to start.  It’s the biggest challenge.

And once you do, I hope you find the courage to Just Keep Going.

Coral xo

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