Pulling away from That Day Job

Years ago, when I would have a day off work, I would feel guilty.

It felt like I was wagging school.  That I was doing something I shouldn’t.  And I would spend half the day thinking of work that needed to be done, things I needed to check or follow up on or do as soon as I got back.

Since I started this adventure though, things have been different.  I adore my days off.  I imagine this is what my life will be like every day.  Never having to race off to That Day Job again.  Ever.

It used to just be some distant dream life that I would picture as I begrudgingly raced out the door on another Monday morning.

But as I keep taking steps forward towards my creative business, it feels more and more real.  Like one day soon it will be my life.  It feels close.  For the first time in my life, I really get it.  I get the difference between dreaming and having that dream become reality.  Even though I’m not there just yet.

I am grateful every day for That Day Job.  It pays my mortgage and puts food on the table in this moment.  It is funding this big, wild, crazy dream.  And I know many people would dearly love my job.  But part of my ‘mid life major re-assessment” is that I know it isn’t what I am meant to do.  It doesn’t fill me up to overflowing.  And it doesn’t serve people in a way that is significant.  In a way that matters.

These are the kinds of things the experts don’t tell you about.  They tell you ‘how-to’ and ‘why you should’ and all that technical stuff.

But this stuff is the real good stuff.  Getting glimpses.  Feeling different.  Like something great is coming.

♥ Coral.

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