The lesson I learned from being sick

Some of my art books including Michael De Meng and Lynne Perrella

I was fighting off the flu a week or two ago.   And it has taught me a valuable lesson.

Be prepared.

Doing a blog post was a real challenge after a full day at That Day Job.  I was tired and feeling horrible.  I wasn’t sure if I could focus enough to write something clearly.  But I am trying to be consistent with when I post.  As discipline for me as well as reliability for those of you reading.  Luckily, I had partly typed up a post, so I only had to do some edits and add a photo.  That was hard enough.  It was a struggle.  But it has taught me a valuable lesson.

Be prepared ahead of time.  Schedule blog posts a week ahead.  Pre-package my products.  Put address labels on  envelopes.  Have extras for parcels ready to go.  I am hoping this will be a big help when I need it.  If I get sick.  If I get more orders than expected (fingers crossed this one actually happens).  Commitments to friends and family.  Or even to make time for a holiday – wouldn’t that one be nice.

If I had done this already – I could have just laid on the couch feeling woeful.  Some lessons I learn on this creative business adventure are big ones.  And sometimes, they are little ones like this.

♥ Coral

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