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One of the cards on my inspiration board

So.  I am on the second adventure into branding.  The first one [HERE] went quite well I think.  Thanks to the work I did with Andrea [HERE, HERE and HERE].

This time around I am working on my product branding.  I have a key theme behind the branding and a couple of elements I really want to include in there somehow.  And then…..

I’m kinda stuck.

I’ve got a few ‘kinda sorta’ ideas.  And I am really struggling with the colours.  Do I chose this colour because it is my favourite?  Does it fit with what I want to create?  Does it work with the other elements I want to include?  This colour fits but I don’t like the idea of it being my signature colour.

My husband has chipped in with his ideas which I quite like.  That might be a bit of a surprise to him – hehehe.  I’m not sure about his colour suggestions though.  I feel like it might lead people away rather than towards the brand.  Or it could confuse the meaning of the brand.  And in other ways, I think it is the perfect fit.  It brings in another element that I hadn’t initially thought of but I really like the feel of it.  It sits really well with me.

I might be over thinking it all.  Or trying too hard – who me?  Or something.  Might have to go back to my circle maps and see how I go and what I come up with.  If you haven’t done a circle map before – you put ‘your thing’ in the middle.   Brand or product or idea or whatever.  Then draw lines branching off in all directions like a tree with a circle at the end.  In each circle, put a different element.  Like what feelings you want people to have about ‘your thing’.  What you want it to represent.  Why you are doing this thing you do.  Words you want people to use when talking about ‘your thing’.  Off those circle, draw more branches and circles expanding on those ideas.

This has given me clarity before so I am going to use the same trick again.

I find it helps me focus on the true elements of what I want ‘my thing’ to feel like.  It sharpens fuzzy ideas.  It gives me direction when I feel lost.

I am excited to see what the branding looks like and I am also excited about what this step represents.  Getting closer every day.

♥ Coral.

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