Do I have design regret?

I had another meeting with my designer this week.  Progress is going really well.  Especially in comparison to the experience with the last designer.  Some things have really clicked and I can see they really “get” what I want.  They are excited and enthusiastic which was something that was really important to me when I went looking for a designer (both times).   We are definitely moving in the right direction.

But there were also a couple of glitches.

Designs that didn’t quite fit with what I wanted.  I’ve sent some more feedback to direct the designer where I want it to go.   I’ve been making more decisions on the part of the series I’ve just seen for the first time.  One of the things I learned from my first designer was to let it sit.  Give it a day to float around in the background as you are doing other things.  This works surprisingly well in helping you make decisions.

And the hardest of all – design regret.

I have been thinking about it for the last few days.  Is what I have chosen what I had pictured in my mind in the beginning?  For some of it, the answer is No.  Is it what I am picturing now?  For some of it, the answer is still No.  Does it all go together as a cohesive series?  I’m not sure, but I really like each element.

And back to the most basic and raw question –

Is this good enough?

Do I want to use this?  Will other people want to use this?  Will people want to buy this?

At the same time, I am getting ideas for new designs, for a second series, which feels like a bit of a contradiction.

Design regret…  It’s bugging me a little.  Have I let the designers lead me?  And let them lead me away from what I pictured?  Did I get swept up in the designs they did, without stepping back enough to really see if it matched the ideas in my mind.  And is that a bad thing?  Looking at the designs again, I really like them, even though they aren’t what I first pictured.  And I can see lots of different ways that I can play with them.  I can see the art journal pages I want to make with them.  Am I just over thinking it all?  Confusing myself for no reason?

I am hoping to hear from the designers again this week for more design changes and approvals.  As always, I will keep you in the loop.  I keep working things out in my head and think I may have the designs ready to list on Etsy in August.  I don’t want to promise anything this early though.  After all, the best laid plans can go astray as I have learned already.

♥ Coral

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