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I have had a couple of emails from my new designer in the two weeks since I paid my deposit.  Updates on when they would start work on the designs.  An email at the end of the week to let me know what to expect the next week and we’ve scheduled a meeting to view the first drafts.  [Imagine nervous but excited dance around the lounge room]

I am feeling much more relaxed because of the regular updates.  About starting over.  About working with a new designer.  About this part of the process.  It has been reassuring.  I was really nervous after the problems I had with my first designer.

It felt like much more of a risk this time.

Financially and emotionally.  When things don’t work out the way I planned, I take it pretty hard.  It took a lot of thinking, reflection and convincing myself to have the guts to get back up on the horse.

I think naive excitement meant I wasn’t nervous with my first designer.  I was just really excited.  I thought I had done my research.  I had asked the right questions.  But I’ve taken what I learned from the first time into the process with my second designer.

It’s only a failure if you don’t learn something.

I’ve received some sample drafts through already, with more to view at our meeting.  So far, so good.  The styling is what I wanted.  The designs show they really listened and understood what I wanted.  I can see myself using these a lot which I am guessing is a good sign.  I got more and more excited as I scrolled through each design.  I ooh-ed and ahh-ed.   Another good sign.  [insert sign of relief here]

Of course, you know what this has done, don’t you?  Re-ignited the Queen of Impatience….  I can’t wait to see the final designs now I can see how amazing they are going to be.  And it’s going to drive me crazy waiting for the manufacturer to do them all.  Oh, baby.

I will let you know how the meeting goes with previewing the rest of the designs and where we go to next.

♥ Coral.

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