A case of the hiccups

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It seems I have a case of the hiccups.  I had my first one here.  Now, I’ve got another one and I am not happy about it.

Things in one area are not going to plan.  At all.

I will be sharing more here once I get it sorted out.  But for now, let me say I am frustrated, disappointed and feeling like I have taken a big step backwards.  Damn!

Of course, the first thing I did when I realized this was a hiccup was question myself.  Was I not clear about what I wanted?  Should I have seen the signs this was going to happen?  What could I have done differently?

I was really upset when I realized what had happened.  Yes, a few tears.  A spill my heart out chat to my hubby.  A bit of a sulk.  That was stage 1.

Stage 2 was anger.  I had done the right thing but I felt like I’d been taken advantage of.  That I wasn’t getting what I was paying for.  And I was paying damn good money.  I was also a little angry at myself.  For not realizing what was going on sooner.  For letting the person I was hiring dictate how things were running.  For letting this happen.

When it dawned on me and I finished giving myself a hard time, I started talking to myself.  Telling myself the things I needed to hear.

The universe wants you to win – Danielle La Porte.

Sometimes we learn more from our failures than from our successes.

It’s not a failure unless you don’t learn something.

So I have had to take a few steps backwards for the moment.  But sometimes you take a step backward to take a big leap forward.  To move on to something better.  To move in the right direction.

More soon….



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