Much needed inspiration

I was driving to That Day Job after a week full of should.  A week full of have to.  I was doing my grateful speech – where I say out loud all the things I am grateful for. It probably looks a bit odd if you drive past and see me chatting to myself.  If you’ve never done it, you should try it.

Anyway, I was driving along  – thankful for this, grateful for that – when my mind began to wander.

I began imagining having my products.  Of running a class.  A class at Artfest {even though it is sadly no longer}.  The class became clearer and clearer.  I could see the colours, the materials, the techniques.  The people in the class and what they were creating.  I had more and more ideas – how to make the elements of the project more complex, blending more than one technique, what would make it look more advanced.

Next thing I knew, I was pulling in to the street to That Day Job.  The 45 minute drive had seemed like only moments.  And I arrived at work absolutely glowing.  Trust me when I say that doesn’t usually happen.

So after feeling overwhelmed with all the business-y stuff recently, a few minutes of imagining reminded me why I am doing this.  I needed that.

♥ Coral

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