That word – SHOULD

Should seems to be echoing in my ears constantly at the moment.  Every quiet moment has me thinking of should’s.

The should’s of other people.  I should be writing more posts on this blog.  I should be writing a newsletter for this blog.  I should be having a custom theme designed.  I should be using photos.  I should be working on things like building followers and getting traffic.

My own should’s.  I should be further along on this adventure.  I should have my products in my hot little hands by now.  I should be talking to more people who can help me.   I should be doing that e-course, reading that e-book. I should be investing more time, more effort, more smarts.  More…

It should not feel like this.

I should feel… Excited. I should be excited about every step.  About any progress.  About slowly but surely turning this 13 year idea into reality.  About what it could grow into.  About where this could take me.

I should feel… Fulfilled.  I am not just doing this so I can quit That Day Job.   I want to live the dream of doing something you love.  Of being your own boss.  I should feel full to overflowing as I move toward this.

I should feel… Empowered.  Taking real steps toward achieving a large goal like this is a big deal.  After 13 years of dreaming about what this idea.  Of this life.  To be “this close” to having my own products should be making me feel invincible.  Like if I can do this, I can do anything.  I should be running around my lounge room with my superhero cape on.

I think I need to peel back the should’s and go with what feels right.  Let that guide me.  What feels right will lead me where I need to go… and at just the right time.

♥ Coral




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3 Responses to Should

  1. Erin says:

    I’m stuck in the wrong shoulds right now, too. It’s so hard to escape! I watch my Twitter stream and it’s article after article of how we should be using social media, or marketing products, or writing blog posts. I feel like if I ignore all those shoulds, I’ll be doing something wrong. It’s so easy to get stuck trying to do things the right way instead of doing what feels right.

    • Coral says:

      Hi Erin. My Twitter stream is the same. All those shoulds! If I put too much pressure on myself, my creativity flies out the window. When you step back and go with what feels right, it makes everything more fun and it all seems to flow so much better.

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