First hiccup

I’ve had my first hiccup.

I have looked into a few different manufacturers with various results.

I have found everyone to contact by using Google.  No “industry contacts”.  No “special secrets”.  No “insider information”.   I just used different search words, including some “out there” words to see what I got.   I’ve found lists of manufacturers, individual websites and people looking for the same thing I am looking for.

Along the way, I’ve emailed a few people who never emailed back.  A sign from the universe, I guess, that prevented me wasting my time.

I found a manufacturer who seemed fantastic but their process/product/method wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  I approached them because I thought it would be cheaper to manufacture than what I REALLY wanted.  An email from an art mentor made me realize it was more important to me to go after what I really wanted.  What I had my heart set on.  Even if it cost more to have made.

I found a manufacturer who replied to my emails quickly, who allowed small orders, who had a good website and a good product.  But something made me keep looking.  I think they were very “business-y” in their emails and I am a bit more of an emotional person.  I wanted them to sound excited.  To sound as excited as I was.  I also felt like I shouldn’t go with the first person I found.  So I kept looking.

I tried some stealth moves using a product I had bought and tried to track down their manufacturer.  This person replied to my email quickly too.  And they seemed more personable.  They even offered to send me a sample of their product.  Even before I received the sample, I was pretty sure they were “my people”.

The first little sign that something wasn’t quite as it should be was when they said they weren’t actually the manufacturer of the product I had used to track them down – but they were friends with the person who was.  They also hadn’t even heard of one of the issues I was very keen to avoid with my product.  Hmmmm. I dismissed that as them having such a quality product, they had never experienced the problem.  I took it as a good sign, but something still niggled at me.

The first sample they sent never arrived.  I waited 5 weeks before I emailed them.  I’ve had things take that long from the USA before, so wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.  They sent a second sample straight away and it arrived in 2 weeks. And it wasn’t what I was expecting.

The materials weren’t what I wanted.  I had experience with this material and it had been less than successful.  Instant disappointment.  There were a few samples in the envelope and there were some obvious inconsistencies.  Is that what I would get?  Some products good, some looking like seconds? I waited almost 2 months for this and it was a complete waste of time.

I picked up the mail on the way out to do some other things.  I was walking around with my husband and I asked him

Why aren’t I more upset about this?

I am normally a very emotional person.  I get emotionally connected to things.  Events, expectations.  Normally I would be crushed.  Stamp my feet.  Have a sulk.  Even have a bit of a cry.  But nothing.  I was barely fazed.  My husband wrapped it up in one sentence.

Because it is a business decision.

He said I had known straight away it wasn’t what I wanted for my business.  It wasn’t good enough.  So I had made the decision instantly not to use them.  And that was that.  I think it helped that I had the business-y manufacturer to fall back on.  I wasn’t completely back to square one.

And so, I have paid the business-y manufacturer for a master design and a sample.  I should receive the sample in a week or so.  Pleeeeease do not let it take 5 weeks – Queen of Impatience – remember.

I will let you know when the sample arrives.  I will let you know if it is what I am hoping for.  And I will let you know about the nice dinner we plan on going to when they arrive to celebrate this milestone.

♥ Coral.


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