Don’t lose the lesson

When you lose, don’t lose the lesson

Ah, the infamous eBay incident – 750 hours in one year on top of working full time, only to just break even.  I still feel the hurt and frustration of that time.  Of that experience.  Sometimes it can be hard to see past the hurt when things don’t go to plan.  And it can be hard to find the positives.

Sayings like “This didn’t work out because something better is coming”  don’t really help at the time.  In fact – sometimes they just make it worse because they ring so hollow when you are in the middle of it.  I needed to have a little bit of a wallow in my own self pity there for a while.  Woe is me and all that.  Then I needed a break to re-charge.  To have some fun after sacrificing so much time to something that hadn’t paid off.  And then, 9 months later, I started CWB.

As I get closer to having my products in my hot little hands, I am realising that while I felt I had lost at the time of the ebay incident, I also learned a lot.  And I think it is about to come in handy.

I did a 3 day seminar and then a big home study course on starting a business on eBay.  Two big thick folders of reading, days worth of video and audio, a 3 day workshop.  Even though I am not going to be selling on eBay, I think a lot of it is going to relate to selling on Etsy.  All that time and effort has gotta pay off somewhere on the road of this adventure.

Many of the things I sold when I first started were out of my art room – so everything I did with my eBay business was for creative products.  I got practice in writing lots of listings on eBay, taking lots of photos, what questions I got asked about what I was selling.  It all gave me a really good education – if not the spectacular income I was hoping for.

I know the experience is not going to guarantee anything.  And after the eBay incident, I am wary of having any expectations.  But I don’t feel as daunted about selling on Etsy as someone who may have not done something like this before.

So though I may have lost at eBay, I have found the courage to try again.  I am taking the good bits of the experience with me and leaving the hurt behind me.  So, though I may have lost, I haven’t lost the lesson.

♥ Coral.

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