I’m Just Me

I was looking at some new people to follow on Twitter this week and I noticed a lot of people writing in their profile – I’m Just Me.

Argh!  Why do we do that?  Why do we de-value ourselves?  As though we have nothing to offer.  Or that what we have to offer isn’t as good as someone else.  Stuff that!

What are we denying the world by thinking I’m Just Me?

And what are we denying ourselves?

I am finding on this creative business adventure that it has a lot to do with confidence.  Much more than I first imagined.  It seems to be something so many of us just don’t have. We know we want and need it but we don’t always know where to find it.

And we flock to those who have it – like they have the magic potion and we want some of it, damn it!  We want to drink at the same fountain of fabulous as they are.

But, I am beginning to discover that confidence comes

after you do something, not before.

I have been nervous with every step I’ve taken so far.  I haven’t felt truly ready to take the next step when I have taken it.  And I’ve felt like I’m bumbling my way through a lot of the time.  It’s been lonely sometimes, and scary.  But after I’ve taken those steps, I’ve felt a little beam of confidence.  I did it.  And I did it all by myself.  Or someone said yes to the interview request.  Or someone replied to a tweet.

And so, each day, I am a little bit more confident than I was the day before.  That confidence means I don’t hold back so much with the next step.  That the occasional ‘no’ or delay doesn’t upset me like it once did.  That each day I take a step up the confidence stair case.

If you’ve been holding back because you were waiting to find some confidence…  Whether it is to take that first step, or the next step – trust me, take the step before you think you are ready.  You will feel the glow of confidence wash over you just from having the courage to try.  And you will have the confidence to try again tomorrow.

♥ Coral.

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