The best cold I ever had

I had a cold this week.

When I first realized I was getting sick, I was angry.  I thought it was going to put me back and slow me down.  That it meant more delays and waiting.  But instead, I had a few thoughts during the week that meant I was happy I had a cold.  Happy.  In fact, I said to my husband

This is the best cold I have ever had!

I know that sounds silly, but…  I usually get more than a cold.  When I have a cold, I usually also get a chest infection, bronchitis or some other sort of double whammy that really knocks me off my feet.  So far, only the cold.  Win!  But it was more than that.  I had some major revelations about my business this week while I was sick.

Maybe it was the fever talking? Maybe it was that I couldn’t do anything but sit on the couch and think?  I was too sick and too tired to think about my ever expanding to-do list like I normally do.  To over think every little thing.

It was like the cold gave me clarity and focus.

The important stuff I needed to know seemed to be in focus while everything else on my  list just faded away.  Single words leaped off the page at me and ideas really sank in.  Blog posts I read seemed like an epiphany.  I had light bulb moments and calm, quite moments of realization.  I saw what I needed to put at the top of my to do list.  And my to do list didn’t seem like a list of the impossible.  Things that seemed so hard, suddenly became simple ideas.  Things I could really do.

It also took away some of my procrastination.

I happily sent off an email for an interview.  I gave approval to my manufacturer to work on my first sample.  I cleaned up my Twitter feed and looked for some new people to follow.  I brainstormed with the ideas flowing easily.  They were all only 5 or 10 minute things, but they were things I had been nervous about.  That I had been putting off.  That I was over thinking.

So while I hope I don’t get sick again any time soon, I am so happy I got this cold.  I want to take my fevered insights and use them while I can – before the delirium fully wears off.

♥ Coral.

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