Burning Question – What do I want to stop?

This weeks Burning Question at DanielleLaPorte.com is What Would You Like To Stop.

Hmm, I could probably make a quite extensive list answering this question, which is probably not ideal , is it?  So lets just do the Top 3.  Yeah, 3 should do it.

Number 1 – Procrastinating.  I will stop um-ing and ah-ing over things as simple as sending an email.  It is not really the big risk I keep imagining.  I will stop over thinking taking the next step – is it the right thing to do?  Are they the right person for me?  If it feels right, then I need to be all Nike on it’s butt and Just Do It.  Leap!  It is a Leap Year after all.

Number 2 – Waiting.  I hate waiting for the next thing to be done.  Once I made the decision to do this, of course I wanted to achieve it all yesterday.  As I have said before – I am the Queen of Impatience.  I need to fill the waiting time with things I can do.  While I wait for designs to be finished or proofs and samples to be sent through, I need to be working on the things I can do by myself like packaging, label designs and Etsy.

Number 3 – Doubting.  Doubting I am not far enough along.  That I don’t have a clue what I am doing.  That I don’t know enough yet to pull this off.  That I am not doing this the right way or fast enough.  Rather than doubting myself, I may need to start doubting the word Enough.  What is enough?  How do I measure enough?  How about enough is enough and just shut up and get on with it?

I think they all boil down one thing.  Confidence.  The one thing so many of us girls are struggling with.

 Not having the confidence to do this, so I take it one tiny step at a time instead of going full steam ahead, all guns a blazin’.  Not believing people would say yes to “just me”.   Doubting myself.  That I can’t pull off this Big Wild Crazy Dream.

I need to focus on my Word For The Year – this leap year – Courage.  And take the leap.

♥ Coral.

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