It’s the little things….

Isn’t it funny how such little things can make such a big difference?

I’ve really been noticing the little things lately.

A twitter message from Brittni and Andrea asking how I am going with my creative business.  An email from my art friend and mentor checking in on how I am going with it all too.  These have just given me a little boost.  A pick me up.  That little bit of encouragement.  Just little things that mean so much to me.  Special moments in an otherwise beige day.

Changing a minor setting on the CWB website.  A short email to someone about doing an interview.  Little jobs that need to be done.    Those little things that get lost on the long To Do List.  As I tick off one of those little things, even just one, I feel a little lighter. A little less pressure.  Like I have done something for the day for my business.

As I work towards the Big, Wild, Crazy Dream.  As I look for the big milestones along the way. It is the little things that keep me excited. It is the little things that move me closer.

If you are working towards your own dream – what ever that may be – Work towards the big things – Find the joy in the little things.

♥ Coral.

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