Writing my business philosophy

Hello my lovlies

This week I have been working on a business philosophy.  Some people call it a manifesto.  Others call it a mission statement.  I’ve also heard it called Your Why.

I am calling mine a Philosophy.

My designer and I have finalized our first design and are now working on the second.  While we work through this process, I am left twiddling my thumbs a little bit.  I am finding things I can work on to make the most of the down time while we work through this process.

Everyone will tell you – sharing your story is important.  But the Philosophy I want to write is more than that.  It is more about what I want the business to be.  What I want it to feel like.  How I want it to make others feel.  How I want to explain it to the world.  How I want to share this.

I want this to be a mini manifesto to go with every package I send out.

The further along in this adventure I go, the more clear I am becoming on what I am doing and why I am doing it.  But, putting it into words is harder than I thought.

I know why I want to do this.  I know how it makes me feel.  I know why it is so important.   I know what I am envisioning.  What I apparently don’t know, is how to put it all into words.

How do you put waving your arms around a lot into words?

How do you explain what is filling your heart?

What is scary but in a good way?

What makes this really, really matter?

How do you write out something that feels so important to you without sounding cheesy?  Without sounding like a bad corporate advertising campaign?

I shared what I had come up so far with my hubby.   It was not the round of applause I was hoping for.  [Insert plane crash noise here].  His feedback was gentle and constructive, but still not what I was hoping to hear.

So the first thing I did was have a bit of a sulk.  Not very cool, but hey…  But once I got over that, my mind started ticking over.  How could I re-word it?  What words can I change to say what I am really trying to say?  How can I explain it without sounding airy fairy?

For now, I will stop.  I will let it sit and I will give it space. 

And I will wait, knowing inspiration will strike with that “just right” word. 

♥ Coral.

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2 Responses to Writing my business philosophy

  1. Monique Kearney says:

    Hello Coral,

    Have you written your business philosophy yet, I would love to read what you came up with. It sounds as though you love what you do, and I have a good feeling that you expressed it well in your manifesto. Please keep me posted, because I sure do need help with mine. Good luck to you


    • Coral says:

      Hi Monique – I’ve written the philosophy (and re-written it a few times). You can see it here.

      I did a big brainstorming session to come up with mine. I didn’t just want my business to be a bout ‘making pretty things’. I wanted there to be more meaning behind it. I just wrote lots of words and thoughts and ideas. Then I picked out my favourites and tweaked them. I will probably still tweak it some more – can’t help myself 🙂

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