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As someone in the beginning stages of starting a creative business, it can be so overwhelming to try to fit everything in.  Social media, following blogs, doing online courses and then putting everything into practice.  Is it common for those of us just starting out to feel like we just can’t keep up or do it all?

Absolutely. Most entrepre-new-ers are not only learning how to be in business for themselves, but they’re also refining the products or services they offer. That combo can be totally overwhelming, especially when you’re constantly learning of new things you didn’t know you didn’t know and want to work them all in. It can lead to a really reactionary way of working–that was my experience, at least.

Trying to work out where to start and how to navigate our way through all the to-do’s and information can be a challenge.  You believe the solution is different for each of us, don’t you?

Well, sure, because we’re all at different places personally and professionally. Someone who works full time and has a side biz on top of that has different capabilities than someone who has the full day to run their business. Some people have children, or are in the midst of moving, or are getting divorced, or have health concerns. The circumstances of your life and the stage your business is in dictate how you prioritize.

I love your new Roadmap to Action.  Where did the idea come from and why did you decide to design it?

Thanks, Coral. I had always considered myself organized and focused, but several months into starting my own biz I felt adrift. I wasn’t spending my time well but I wasn’t sure how to fix it. At some point I got fed up and decided to learn how to do things my way instead of following the ways the experts and gurus were telling me I should.  I knew this was a common problem because every client I was working with, no matter what we were working on or how long they had been in business, needed some kind of help with the getting-it-all-done part.

What is your favourite thing about Roadmap to Action?

It is too shallow to say that it’s pretty? My real favorite thing is that it will grow and evolve with your business. When you hit a new stage in your business, or your life circumstances change, Roadmap will adjust with you. It works if you’re a total newbie, it works if you’ve got a 6 figure business–you’ll never outgrow it.

If people would like a copy of Roadmap to Action where can they find you?

I’m always at, and Roadmap has it’s own little nook at

Thank you Laura.

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