Serendipity moments

My favourite artist – Michelle Ward – often talks about Serendipity and Synchronicity on her blog.  How things somehow come together at just the right time.  Without having a hand in it, somehow things come to you in just the right way.  How something simple can suddenly have significant meaning to you, even if others don’t see it or know it.

This week I got my second draft of the first stage of my products.  As I was going through my art room a few days afterwards, I came across a plastic bag that had some clippings in it.  I pulled them out to look at them and I had a sense of quite and calm come over me.

The images in my little plastic bag were almost identical to what my graphic designer had sent me just a few days earlier.

When I told my hubby, he asked is I’d gotten goose bumps?  I was surprised to answer “no”.  It was a quieter moment than that.  It was peaceful.  A silent calm.  As someone with a constant sense of urgency and a To Do List that is always full, it was a rare relaxed moment.

I am trying to learn as much as I can on this adventure.  And I often feel like I am walking with my eyes closed through a lot of this.  To have this ‘sign’ was like a nod from the universe telling me I am doing the right thing.  I am on the right track.  To keep going.

When I cleaned out my art room over the Christmas break, I came across some “Dream Life” lists. I found one as far back as 1999 saying I wanted the creative business I am working towards now.  I am closer than I have ever been before.  I am close to turning this dream into a reality.  So close I feel like I can almost touch it.

I had a little smile and tucked that slip of paper away for safe keeping.  I didn’t dare throw it out…

♥ Coral.

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  1. Laura Simms says:

    Love this story. I wrote a “future me” letter on New Years Eve this year, and I’m excited to revisit it in one year and see what’s happened. Excited to see what the year holds for you, Coral 🙂

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