An Adventure vs A Journey

Hello My Fellow Creative Business Adventurers…

When I am sharing here, I usually refer to what I am doing – trying to start my creative business – as an Adventure.  I thought I would share with you why I say this and not the word Journey.

It seems like every person on reality TV, every person doing just about anything really – calls it a Journey.

For some reason, Journey makes me think the part between the start line and the finish line of this Journey is hard.  Un-fun.  A trial.  A series of difficult challenges.  Arduous.  Draining.  Strained.  Something that has to be faced on your own.  And just plain hard.

Adventure sounds fun.  Like you aren’t sure exactly where you are going but you know it’s going to be exciting.  You will meet amazing people along the way.  You will grow with every step.  That even though you are uncertain what will happen next, you know there will be something wonderful around every corner.  That every minute will be daring… A daring adventure.

An adventure sounds perfect, don’t you think?

Maybe it’s a mind game thing for me.  Calling it an Adventure keeps me excited when I am not sure what to do next.  When I am nervous about taking the next step.  I’d rather go exploring and trying new things on an adventure than getting flustered facing challenge after challenge on a journey.

So – who wants to come on an adventure with me?

♥ Coral.

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