Beauty in not planning every moment

Well, my 2 weeks on holidays has come to an end.  *Sigh* They go so quickly don’t they?

So, how much of my To Do List did I get done?

Err, not as much as I had planned.

Yes, I did tidy up my Twitter stream.  Unfollowed all the people I thought would be inspiring and informative but turned out to be blech.  Those people that seem so promising, then turn out to be “aren’t I fantastic and don’t you wish you were as great as me” people.  As I have said before – I am going with what feels right.  And those people do not feel right.  They make you feel stupid and sucky and yet somehow envious they are further along on their adventure, like they know something you don’t know – damn it! Now, they are gone and so is the ick.  I’ve made room for new people for me to follow who are a breath of sweet encouragement and inspiration.

Yes, I followed some new interesting people on both my Twitter accounts.  I followed more business people on CWB.  People I hope I can learn from and will make me feel encouraged, braver and more adventurous in my business.  I followed more artists, art companies and art magazines on my Creative Thing twitter.  Both of which I am hoping will lead me to new ideas and down new avenues for both of my adventures.

Yes, I found new blogs to follow.  People I want to check in with regularly.  Strong women who inspire me as a person and as an aspiring business owner.  I am starting to really get “in my groove” so to speak and these are the women I aspire to and look to.  I found art blogs full of delicious colour, texture and new ideas which has given me a much needed creative boost.

Yes, I did play on Pinterest.  Oh, yes indeed I did. Actually, I played waaaaay too much.  It is so addictive.  This site has so many beautiful things to look at.  Beautiful quotes, advanced art ideas & DIY projects, scrummy food and some quirky things to show hubby too.  It got the creative ideas flowing again.  I have been so focused on the business side of things, I haven’t gotten out my art stuff and played for ages. The last few days, I’ve done more art than in the last 6 months!

I am still planning on doing some of my Kelly Rae Roberts course, but I didn’t get all the way through it by the time I got back to work.  I also have parts of my blogging course to do which I want to continue to work through during the year.

One thing not on my list, but that I really wanted to do was tidy the art room.  It was a job I had been putting off.  Lots of things put on the table to be put away “later”.  Art supplies left out on the table from the last time I used them.  Things in drawers on the table, things in boxes under the table.  Basically, stuff everywhere with barely any room to actually do any art.  And it was an un-fun place to go to because of the mess.  So I ruthlessly threw out some stuff.  I put the rest away in the correct drawers, stacked things properly.  I now know where everything is when I need it.  I have a desk that is clear except a few sets of plastic drawers and the journal I am working on.  And it feels so nice.  I think that is another reason why I have gotten so much art done.  They say getting rid of clutter allows for things to flow better and I have found that in the last few days.

Whenever I go on holidays, I always have a to do list a mile long.  And I feel guilty if I have a DVD day or if I let a day get away from me just by just “pottering” around the house.  But I am feeling relaxed as I get ready to go back to That Day Job (after a frantic lead up to the holidays).  Hubby rouses on me for putting myself under so much pressure.  I think I try to fit in all the stuff I don’t get done during the year into those couple of weeks.  No pressure!

This past 2 weeks have passed in a blur.  There were housework days.  There were video days.  There were date days with hubby.  There were shopping days.  But I have come out the other side feeling like it all happened as it should, when it should.  Not in a bid to check it off my to do list.  It just unfolded naturally.

I am feeling more relaxed that I usually do at this time of year.  And as I’ve been letting the days unfold, other things have unfolded too.  Creative days in my art journal.  Ideas for my Creative Thing.  Realizing and appreciating how far I have come in the last 6 months.  Clarity on who I am as a person and who I want to be.

So as I prepare to go back to That Day Job, I am grateful for what unfolded while I wasn’t planning every minute of my time.  Taking time to just be has let in beautiful moments of unexpected realization. I have left room for Flow. I am starting the year relaxed, recharged and excited about the next steps in my adventure to start my creative business.

♥ Coral.

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