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A few years ago, a well know art girl talked about having a Word For The Year.  I’ve noticed many of my Twitter girls doing a similar thing this year as well.  I’ve been doing a Word For The Year and a Thought For The Year for a few years now.

Rather than have a New Years Resolution which is usually forgotten in the 2nd week of January, I have the Word and Thought popping up on my computer everyday for the whole year.  It helps me focus on what I am working towards with my big, wild, crazy dream – rather than getting frazzled by the day to day “stuff” at That Day Job – which I do.  It reminds me what is really important.  What I am trying to achieve while going to That Day Job every day.

For 2011, my Word For The Year was POWER.

My Thought For The Year was Blaze Your Trail.

Power was to remind me to be strong.  I find my inner strength.  Momentum. Energy.  When I read it, I would hear the noise of an airplane winding up the engine ready for takeoff – you know that sound?  Maybe that is what 2011 has been for me.  Sitting on the runway, building up the engine, getting ready to launch.  To take off.  Finding that strength and working out how to use it.  To focus it.

Blaze Your Trail was about me starting this adventure and taking my own path.  My path, my trail, my way.  While it sounds like a blaze of glory, it has actually been more of a spark.  A bit of a fizzle, really.  Not quite the bonfire my Thought For The Year suggests, but you need a spark to start a bonfire, right?

As I have explored what I am doing this year, I have found more strength and courage than I thought I had.  Little victories and little steps forward have helped to build that.  I am feeling much stronger and braver going in to 2012.  I have also been encouraged through finding my Right Girls online, that I can do this in any way I choose.

That starting a business can be rich and luscious and  beautiful and special and wonderful.

My daily Word and Thought have helped me find that.  To remind me everyday to be looking for that.  To notice those small moments that show up day to day to lead you where you are meant to go.  Down your right path.

What words and thoughts do I have for 2012?

I feel like 2012 is going to be My Year.  I have been writing down 2012 by mistake instead of 2011 for a couple of months.  Like 2012 is calling to me.  Like I am ready to jump in to it already.  Is that a sign?  A friend of mine says if you write something down or do a typo regularly, you should pay attention to it.  Something related to that will be important.  For example, when I go to type Andrea, I often type Andrew.  My friend would say that means an Andrew I meet will have information I should pay close attention to.  I am wondering if me writing 2012 early means it is going to be an important year.  That my mind is running to it, like it knows something I don’t.

My Thought For The Year in 2012 is Going Tactical.  I have learned so many ideas on how to promote a business, how to build followers on Twitter, how to get people to your website.  I want to work smart with this.  I don’t just want to start this thing.  Having my product in my hand after all these years of dreaming and imagining will be amazing milestone.  But I want to build this into a business that lets me quit That Day Job.  I am creating this business while I am doing That Day Job full time, so I have to make the most of the time I can spend on building my big, wild, crazy dream.  Rather than have a scatter approach, where I just kind of try out a few things here and there, I want to be tactical.  To try exact strategies that others say have worked for them.  To see what works and what doesn’t.

I am still deciding on my Word For The Year.  Bold? Brave? Courage? I want to be braver.  To stop tip toe-ing along this path.  To stop taking one step then pausing while I get my head around it.  I truly want to blaze my trail this year.  I don’t need to be the hare, but I don’t want to keep being the tortoise either.  I need to build on the courage I found this year and take bigger, bolder steps.  To have the courage to tell the world what I am doing.  What I am creating.

In 2011, I started with a fuzzy idea and ended with such a delicious, clear vision and direction.  I am excited about 2012 and what it will bring….

Happy New Year.

♥ Coral.

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