The new logo is here

It’s here.  It’s here.  It’s here.  My new logo for Creative Women’s Business.  I am so happy with the results.  It’s arty, it’s beautiful, the colours are just delicious and it feels right – you know what I mean?  I think there are a few things that helped me get a result I am happy with and I wanted to share them with you.  Maybe they will help you when you are ready to design yours logo.

I knew my brand.  Working with Andrea from Brand & Bloom at the beginning before I got too far along in my business has been such a blessing – though I didn’t realize just how much when I first signed up to do coaching with her.  [check out our interview on branding HERE She helped me clarify what I want my brand to be.  I was able to share this with my graphic designer, Rebecca from A La Mode Designs, which gave her some ideas to work with, some clarity on where she should start and what I was wanting from her design.

I had some ideas before I started.  I think having not only some ideas, but the reasons behind the ideas gave Rebecca some direction too.  I had some ideas for colours and I was also able to give her the reasons why.  I didn’t choose colours just because they were my favourite (although it turned out that way which was a nice bonus).  Colours have meanings and thoughts and feelings around them.  I chose blue for trust & quality, not just because it was my favourite.  I chose words like feminine and sisterhood but pointed out I didn’t want typical girly pink as a colour (that is what I had started with – cliche anyone?)  I wanted an artistic look but with muted tones to combine the thoughts of creativity with the more serious side of business.  Rebecca sent me a questionnaire for me to fill in  before we started and I found it quite easy because I had some clear ideas on what I thought worked  and what didn’t.

Finding the right designer.  I think this made a big difference.  I found a designer with a portfolio full of work I loved.  As I was searching for a designer, I  came across ones who did the cutesy, girly style and their whole portfolio was like that – it was clearly their specialty, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.  I found other people with one arty design in their portfolio but the rest were cold, corporate designs and I didn’t know if they would really “get” what I was trying to do.  I Googled a few different words – not just logo design and graphic designer.  I also Googled “boutique graphic design” and “bespoke graphic design” because I thought that would bring up results for more arty style designers that would be more likely to have a portfolio dedicated to the style I was looking for.  I used Google Search and Google Images when I was searching.  In the end,  I found my designer looking at the bottom of a website I liked and clicking the link through to A La Mode Designs site.  Their website design and all of their portfolio had the artistic styling that matched what I was looking for.

Let it sit.  Rebecca gave me this advice when she sent through the first draft of my design.  A combination of excitement and impatience meant I wanted to send her feedback straight way, but I did what she said and let it sit with me for a while.  I think I got a better feel for the logo this way.  My mind ticked it over while I was doing other things.  I didn’t feel “forced” into a decision because I was rushing.  I looked at it up close.  I looked at it further away.  I looked at it on different screens.  Big tip: Look on different screens if you can.  The colours looked very different on my laptop to the colours on my iPhone.  I walked away and came back later and noticed things I hadn’t noticed before.  Rebecca gave me two slightly different designs for the first draft.  I wasn’t sure which elements in which design I liked most and I found coming back on and off during the course of the day and looking at it with fresh eyes really helped me choose.

Be patient – Says the Queen of Impatience…..  Getting a quality logo done through a boutique logo designer is not a 5 minute process.  I wasn’t really sure how long it would take when we started and I guess every project is different.  Rebecca sent me a questionnaire to fill out which I did really thoroughly to give her as many ideas as I could for what I was after.  Even being really clear with my ideas, it took me an hour or two to fill in because I wanted to give her as much direction as I could.  After Rebecca had reviewed my answers, we scheduled a Skype chat which I had to work around my day job and the international time difference, so that took us a few days to co-ordinate.   She got to ask me more questions based on my answers from the questionnaire and it was so nice to talk to her in person.  Once we had spoken, we needed to book my work into their schedule which was booked a few weeks in advance.  From there it took a couple of weeks to get the first draft.  The changes and the final result came quickly after that.  It was all the beginning work we did that took some time.

I would say I am a thorough person and quite organized, which I think made the process easier for both me and Rebecca.  I had some ideas on what I wanted but also gave Rebecca room to work her magic.  I sent her a document full of images – examples of various logos to give her some visual ideas as well as my written answers to her questionnaire.

When I got the first draft of my logo there were lots of ooh’s and aah’s.  I was really happy with it even then.  Rebecca and I only made some minor changes/amendments before we arrived at the end result.  She managed to include all my ideas into the design as well as the styling I fell in love with when I saw their site and portfolio.  I am over the moon with the end result.

As I said in a previous post, I got this logo for me.  With the new logo, I feel like I can share what I am doing here with more people.  I feel more confident linking back to my site and giving out the website address because I am happy with what they see when they first arrive now.  This feels like a big step forward for me – for the site.  For my confidence.  For my progress.   For giving me a clear path for the next step forward.  Who know a logo could do so much?

♥ Coral.

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  1. Laura Simms says:

    Congratulations, Coral. It’s beautiful! Enjoyed reading about the process.

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