What feels right

I wanted to share a bit more on my previous post about What Feels Right.

My new logo is almost ready to share with you and I am so excited.  I was thinking about the whole “what feels right” thing today, knowing my logo is nearly ready.  Many people tell you when you “should” get a logo done.  Do it at the beginning so everything is in place before you start.  Wait until you are earning a good income before you spend money on a logo. What is the definition of “a good income”, by the way??

When did I decide I needed a professional logo designed?  When it felt right for me.  Not when someone else said I needed it.  I felt like I needed to do it now to boost my confidence about sharing this site with more people.  I didn’t want to start “putting myself out there” until I had my logo.  I just didn’t feel like people would want to stay and look around with the logo design I had because it looked so amateur.  And I think having the logo will help to push me forward with what I am sharing and building here too.  That it will help me feel more determined and like what I am doing and sharing here is important.  That it matters.

I am being led by what feels right in other areas of my business too.  I’ve done a couple of Social Media workshops as you know and I am very drawn to Twitter.  I really enjoy it.  I am meeting lots of amazing people.  I’m being inspired and encouraged.  I am learning so much. I am being led to blog posts through Twitter that lift me up, get me thinking or show me the way forward.  The social media workshops I’ve done suggest having both a Twitter account and a Facebook account for your business.

And yet…. I haven’t set up a Facebook account and I don’t see myself doing it for some time, if at all.  I just can’t click with Facebook.  I don’t know why, I just can’t.  Meanwhile, I have 3 Twitter accounts.  Yup, three.  One for Creative Womens Business. One for my art business (will be sharing it with you soon… promise).  And a personal one.  Oh yes, I love my Twitter.

The blogs I am reading the most, the ones I am learning the most from are the ones written by girls who feel like girlfriends.  You know the ones….  Those girls you feel like you click with straight away when you read their words.  The ones who are kind, encouraging, supportive… and gentle.  I don’t do well with brash, bold and brazen – it just feels like “all show, no go”.  The girls I keep coming back to feel like kindred souls.  Some are starting their journey too.  Others have been on their path for a while and are sharing what they know with those of us just starting out on our adventures.

So I continue to follow “what feels right”, trusting where it is leading me.  Call it intuition.  Call it being guided by the Universe.  Call it what ever you want, whatever works for you.  Following “what feels right” feels like it is leading me in the right direction….. To where I need to be, to whom I need to meet, to learn what I need to know.  Wanna come along?

♥ Coral.

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