My business vision

My Business Vision.

Sending a thank you to the blog-a-verse.  I am discovering so many amazing girls (and guys) through Twitter, leading me to blogs that lift me up, give me clarity, are leading me forward and shining a light on my path.

One of the things I am really tuning in to is that I get to choose how my business is going to be.   I get to choose how it will look and feel.  I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.  I don’t have to do it the way it has always been done.  I don’t have to do it like the  cold corporate guys do.  I get to do it my way – whatever that way may mean.  The thing I am leaning into the most?

What feels right.

Those people I could learn from but I wince whenever I read their stuff…. gone.

That email newsletter I signed up for that feels empty and icky and is not what I hoped it would be…. unsubscribed.

The thousand things I “should” be doing…. off my to do list.

If it doesn’t fill me up and feel like I’m being cheered on – then I don’t want it in my space.  It messes with my chi.  I am seeing I can build my business so it makes me feel full to overflowing. It CAN be that way.

Everyday, on my way to “that day job”, I do what I call my grateful speech.  I thank the universe for all the things in my life that I am grateful for.  A plentiful supply of fresh food and clean water.  Access to education, the right to vote, the ability to start my own business when many women are denied this opportunity in other countries.  Living in a country free from civil unrest and war.  For a husband that adores me.  For my sight, hearing and healthy body.

Then I ask the Universe for all the things I would like to come into my life.  The big one?  I know you know the answer…. My dream to have a creative business.  Then I go through all the things I want my business to be.

I want my business to give me a sense of achievement and accomplishment.  A sense of success.  Oh, the day I quit my day job…..  That will be a big milestone.

I want my business to be fun and lovely and delicious.  I want people not just to love the products I create, but love the whole business.  I want them to feel connected to the business, like they are part of a sisterhood of artists.  A special space where they are cared about and encouraged and cheered for.

I want to make a profit in a way that is beautiful and respectful.  That respects those artists that buy my products.  That allows me to quit my day job (there is that damn day job again….)  To make a profit in a way that is a lovely benefit to the true reasons I do this.

It can seem like there is a long road ahead.  Like there  is a lot to do between here and there.  But the feeling that comes over me when I think of creating a business that is built this way is strangely calming.  I am taking that as a sign from the universe that it means I am on the right track.  I am heading in the right direction.  I am working towards the thing I am meant to be doing.

Do you feel this way too?

♥ Coral.

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